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Pre-Mass Industry

Rifles, Cannons, and Ironclad ships.

1800 - 1820
Mass Industrial Revolution

Prototype Auto-Guns, Improved Armor, and Early Auto-Carriages

1821 - 1840
The Rise of Steam Power

Type 1 Auto-Guns, Experimental Chemical Warfare, Introduction of The Steam-powered Self-Containment Suit

1841 - 1860
Middle Period of Advancement

Type 2-4 Auto-Guns, Self-Propelled Auto-Carriages, Advanced Steam Powered Self-Containment Suit.  Early level tanks and artillery powered by steam.

1861 - 1880
Aeronautics Revolution

Introduction of Airships, Bi-Planes, and Other forms of Aircraft.  Type 5 Auto-Gun with Secondary Fire and the introduction of the "Auto-Factory"
Air Fleets can now be constructed

1881 - 1900
The New Dawn

Introduction of the Self-Propelled Machine Solider, Type 2 Airships equipped with chemical bombs and improved agricultural fertilization to support massive armies.

1901 - 1920
Peak Steam Power

Mass Production of Self-Propelled Tanks, Ships, and Airships powered by Steam.  Introduction of the radio and the first machine to ever use electricity by powering a Titan Class battleship with a Tesla Coil Generator.

1921 - 1940
The Electrical Revolution

The rapid fusion of steam and electrical powered machines.  The armor race begins as top speed records are broken and engines are more responsive and can handle exponentially more weight.

1941 - 1960
The Atomic Age

Abandonment of Steam powered technology in favor of electricity and Fuel.  Introduction of Atomic Energy and Atomic Warfare.
Atom Bombs can be constructed

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