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Battlescape 0.1

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The objective in Battlescape is to control all of the capture points.  Once a player has control over every single capture point, the game ends with that player winning the game.  You lose the game when you control 0 capture points and 0 units on the battlefield.

The Picking Phase
At the beginning of the game, each player selects 10 units to make up their personal unit pool.  Each player rolls a d20, with the highest roller picking first down to the lowest roller going last.  Each player picks 2 units at a time until each player has ten units.

The First Turn
During the first turn, the designated starting capture points are distributed at random and are given 4000 points to start with.  Capture points award 0 points on that player's first turn.  The game begins with the highest roller from the pick phase going first, deploying what ever units they have and then ending their turn since units have summoning sickness.  After the first turn for every player, the first round is concluded and the second turn begins - the first turn in which units may move.

The Order of Turns
The turn order for each player goes as follows:

  • Beginning Phase - During this phase, each capture point under your control grants you 500 points.  During this phase, you may purchase units from your unit pool and then move them to your deployment pool.
  • Deployment Phase - During this phase, you play deploy units that are in your deployment pool onto the battlefield.  Each capture point you control acts as a deployment zone, with the tile the capture point is on as well as all adjacent tiles being the locations where you can deploy said units.
  • Movement Phase - During this phase, you move your units based on their allotted movement points.  Each unit may only move once, but it does not have to consume all of its movement points.
  • Attack Phase - During this phase, you may attack any units that are in range, but units do not have to attack.
  • Ending Phase - During this phase, you capture any capture points you did not previously own but now have met the parameters of capture.

Whenever a player's turn ends, it moves on in order to the next player.  When every player has had a turn - that is considered a round.

Attacking & Defending
Combat in battlescape is based on rolling a d6 in coordination with the number of points you have for Attack or Defense.  Each point equals 1 roll of a d6.  Each roll is either considered a "successful" or "unsuccessful" roll based on the number you rolled.  1-3 on a d6 is an "unsuccessful" roll and gives 0 points towards attacking or defending.  A 4-6 is a "successful" roll and gives 1 point towards attacking or defending.  Once every roll has been made, the total number of attack points are calculated against the total number of defense points.  Each attack point over the defender's defense points spills over into that units Hit Points.  When a unit reaches 0 or less Hit Points, that unit is destroyed - and is moved to your graveyard.  This is done for every unit attacks another unit, or uses an ability that requires the enemy to roll for defense.

Here are certain mechanics that require further explanation:

  • Flying - The Flying ability, in addition to whatever else it does - allows units to fly or hover over other units.  Ground or sea based units cannot move over other units like this.  Flying units also ignore terrain bonuses and penalties.

  • Reach - A unit that does not have flying or reach cannot attack flying units.

  • Abilities - Abilities are to be treated like instants, in that they can be cast at any time on anyone's turn.  The only two restrictions being that a unit can only commit to one form of damage output (such as a standard attack or using an ability that does damage or combat damage) every round and that a unit can only cast an ability once per round.  This means that if a unit attacks, it cannot use an ability that does damage or combat damage until your next turn or vice versa.  This does not apply to passive traits (things you do not have to spend abilities on).

  • Summoning Sickness - When units enter the battlefield, the incur a penalty in that they cannot move, attack, use abilities, or have their passives on until your next turn.

  • "Target Unit" - Unless otherwise stated, a "target unit" is one within the normal range of your units.

  • Invisible - A unit cannot take capture points or disrupt an enemy's attempts at capture if it is invisible.  And, unless otherwise stated; a unit loses its invisibility the moment it attacks or uses an ability.

  • Combat Damage vs. Damage - In abilities, "Combat Damage" is just a total number of attack points coming for your unit.  You can roll to defend yourself against them, but the enemy does not have to roll to confirm if those points are successful.  Regular "Damage" ignores defense rolls and hits your units Hit Points directly.

  • Hero vs. Non-Hero units - Units with "Hero" in their type can only ever have one copy of themselves in your unit pool - whereas regular units can be purchased a total of 4 times and can exist on the battlefield multiple times.

Capture Points
In order to take Capture Points, you must have your unit on the title in which the Capture point is located.

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