Huntress Character sheet

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Huntress Character sheet

Post by Solidcannon on Wed May 07, 2014 9:48 pm

Gender: Female
Age: 24
Race: Latino

Huntress has always been on her own for as long as she can reminder, her parents probably died in this hell-hole of a world trying to keep her alive. They succeeded. 
She is a very strong willed independent woman, her stubbornness can be compared to that of a jackass. She has no problem with dispatching people in her way as they would most likely do the same to her. but years of being alone in the Wastes have hardened her skills of survival to a density of steel. She isn't very far from a wild animal in the way that she behaves in the Wastes.

No one will ever take away the one thing she loves, her freedom.

Stats:                                                               Conditional Stats:
                                                                        Hit Points: 11
                                                                        Defense Points: 16/25%
Strength       11                                                  Health: Healthy
Intelligence   12                                                  Weight: 19/19
Dexterity      11                                                  Sanity: Fully Sane
Agility          10                                                  Attack Value: +13
Charisma      11                                                  Attack Damage: 10

Combative                                                                                       Gathering
4 Un-Armed Combat                                                                            2 Rummaging
2 Melee Weapon Combat                                                                      1 Prospecting
0 Pistol Weapon Combat                                                                      0 Harvesting
4 Rifle Weapon Combat                                                                        0 Animal handling
0 Machine Gun Weapon Combat                                                             2 Hunting
0 Explosive Weapon Combat

1 Cooking                                                                                          Social
0 Drugs                                                                                            0 Bartering
0 Sowing                                                                                          0 Swooning
1 Electronics                                                                                     0 Persuasion
2 Heavy Machines                                                                              0 Trickery
1 Explosives                                                                                      1 Face Reading
1 Melee Weapons                                                                               1 Leadership
1 Guns                                                                                             1 Comradery 
2 Survival Gear
0 Smelting

Physiological                                                                                  Special Skills
1 Clear Mind                                                                                     Stealth: +3 to Stealth Rolls

1 Aptitude                                                                                       Rapid Reload: Skips first Re-load Round and instantly have bullets in the gun.
2 Keen Eye
1 Scouting
3 Reflex
1 Natural Resistance
1 Illusive
1 Willpower
4 Instinct

x 1 Winchester Take Down rifle:
10/12 Attack Damage, - 1 30-30/270 grain round per attack, Can hold 8 bullets per "magazine", Condition: Good, 5 Weight Points
x 1 Kukri Machete:
6 Attack Damage, Condition: Good, 3 Weight Points
x 1 Gun strap
-Condition: Good, + 2 Weight Points
x 1 Belt
- Condition: Good, +1 Weight Points
x 1 Cloak
- Condition: Good, Armor Value: 25%, 2 Weight Points
x 1 Respirator
- Condition: Good, +1 roll against catching an airborne disease, 1 Weight Point
x 1 Bandolier
- Condition: Good, +1 Weight Points,
x 30 30-30
- Ammo, 1 Weight Point
x 10 270 grain rounds
-Ammo, 1 Weight Point
x 1 Cooking Ware
-Condition: Good, 3 Weight Points, Allows for cooking and serving of food
x 1 spices and seasonings
- Condition: Good, 1 Weight Point
x 1 fire starter kit
-Condition: Good, 2 Weight Points, Allows for the creation of a fire

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