The Regulator Character creation sheet

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The Regulator Character creation sheet

Post by Andris Greatwing on Wed May 07, 2014 10:16 pm

Caleb Denico Aka “The Regulator”
Occupation: Ex-bandit
Companion: a German Shepard named lynard
lynard look
Regulator without armor

Special Abilities:
Cold as Ice – This character cannot suffer mental penalty but also cannot receive any bonuses from friendship.

Pistol whip- a modifier of +1 to melee if using pistol

Seasoned proficiency-+2 to pistols and rifle combat

Stats:                                                               Conditional Stats:
                                                                        Hit Points: 10
                                                                        Defense Points: 7/50%
Strength       10                                                  Nutrition: Healthy
Intelligence   12                                                  Weight: 22/25
Dexterity      14                                                  Sanity: Fully Sane
Agility          7                                                  Attack Value: +15
Charisma      12                                                  Attack Damage: 15

Combative                                                                                       Gathering
1 Un-Armed Combat                                                                            1 rummaging
0 Melee Weapon Combat                                                                      0 Prospecting
3 Pistol Weapon Combat                                                                      0 Harvesting
3 Rifle Weapon Combat                                                                        3 Animal handling
0 Machine Gun Weapon Combat                                                             2 Hunting
0 Explosive Weapon Combat 

1 Cooking                                                                                          Social
0 Drugs                                                                                            2 Bartering
0 Sowing                                                                                          2 Swooning
2 Electronics                                                                                     2 Persuasion
0 Heavy Machines                                                                              2 Trickery
0 Explosives                                                                                      2 Face Reading
0 Melee Weapons                                                                               0 Leadership
1 Guns                                                                                             0 Camaraderie
1 Survival Gear
0 Smelting

1 Clear Mind                                                                                     
2 Aptitude                                                                                   
2 Keen Eye
2 Scouting
2 Reflex
1 Natural Resistance
3 Illusive
1 Willpower
2 Instinct


-A black ratted cowboy hat,
Condition: Good, 1 Weight Point, +1 roll against heat fatigue

-a high tech mask with built in scopes and trackers with one side a dull metal on the other have a black metal with an eye part that glows red, also has a built in headset
Condition: Good, 2 Weight Points, +2 roll to Attack Value, Initiative, and +25% Armor to head.

-a light gray lightly armored suit with a long light light black duster black high steel-toed boots and thick black gloves with built in metal plates
Condition: Good, 5 Weight Points, 50% Armor

-1 weathered 10mm pistols
Condition: Worn, 3 Weight Points, 7 Attack Damage, - 1 10mm bullet each attack, 15 rounds before reload.

x 20 10mm rounds
Ammo, 1 Weight Point

- a worn DSR-1 sniper rifle .308
Condition: Worn, 6 Weight Points, 15 Attack Damage, -1 .308 bullet each attack, 1 round before reload.

x 12 .308 rounds
Ammo, 1 Weight Point

-A large hunters bag
Condition: Good, +7 Weight Points

-weapon straps and holsters
Condition: Good, +3 Weight Points

-A Dagger
Condition: Good, 1 Weight Points, 5 Attack Damage

-A simple zippo black lighter
Condition: Good, 1 Weight Point

Condition: Good, 1 Weight Point
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