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Asu Touko

Post by Emiya on Thu May 08, 2014 3:17 am

Name: Asu Touko
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Race: Asian/White


Bio: Asu Touko was raised in an underground community that was built shortly after The War.  This unnamed community existed as a sort of bastion to the initial families who founded it, but had since been closed off and its presence relatively unknown to the outside.  Inside the community, technology still functionally existed and they still retained knowledge of many things that had been lost since The War.  Along with rare technology, there existed a Great Library with information detailing things such as the history of earth and homosapiens, medical knowledge, a vast array of fiction, and etc.  As a close-knit community, they treated the rare child as the responsibility of the entire community and prized them as they were literally the communities future.  Asu Touko was only one of around 15 of the 4th generation children, and grew up relatively pampered compared to those who lived outside the community.  She had an intense passion for reading and took an interest in many things from the Great Library - the elders of the community approved of her inquisitiveness, and she was further put onto a pedestal as the shining example of what the future may entail for their community.  Knowledge and the desire for it in general had been on a steady decline since the First Generation.

Eventually, however, the location of the community reached a group of bandits on the outside, and they found the underground vault and looted it - completely annihilating almost all of the populace in the process.  Asu Touko managed to escape the massacre with assistance from the elders, and upon reaching the surface, realized she was absolutely alone in a vast, cruel world.  While wandering the wilderness, she soon ran into a small group of 12 survivors, one of whom was a self-proclaimed "cowboy" who began to teach her how to survive in this new world.  The cowboy even gave her a revolver to shoot with and some ammunition.  Shortly after, however, the group split up in a panic as it came under attack by another group of bandits, and Asu once again escaped by herself.  

Stats:                                                               Conditional Stats:
                                                                        Hit Points: 7
                                                                        Defense Points: 14/0%
Strength       7                                                  Health: Healthy
Intelligence   16                                                  Weight: 11/15
Dexterity      8                                                  Sanity: Fully Sane
Agility          14                                                  Attack Value: +1
Charisma      10                                                  Attack Damage: 5

Combative                                                                                       Gathering
0 Un-Armed Combat                                                                           1 Rummaging
0 Melee Weapon Combat                                                                      1 Prospecting
2 Pistol Weapon Combat                                                                      3 Harvesting
0 Rifle Weapon Combat                                                                        2 Animal handling
0 Machine Gun Weapon Combat                                                             0 Hunting
3 Explosive Weapon Combat

4 Cooking                                                                                          Social
3 Drugs                                                                                            0 Bartering
3 Sowing                                                                                          1 Swooning
4 Electronics                                                                                     1 Persuasion
1 Heavy Machines                                                                              0 Trickery
3 Explosives                                                                                      1 Face Reading
0 Melee Weapons                                                                               0 Leadership
0 Guns                                                                                             3 Comradery 
0 Survival Gear
0 Smelting

Physiological                                                                                  Special Skills
0 Clear Mind                                                                                    Analytical: +3 to Intelligence based rolls.
5 Aptitude                                                                                       He was my only friend:  When the character you consider your best friend is in imminent danger, you gain +5 Attack Value and Evasion
0 Keen Eye                                                                                      But if that character dies, you gain a permanent lowering in sanity to Partial Sane
0 Scouting
3 Reflex
1 Natural Resistance
1 Illusive
0 Willpower
1 Instinct

x 1 Paperback Book [Catcher in the Rye]
- Condition: Worn, 1 Weight Points
x 1 Silk/Cotton Tunic/Skirt
- Condition: Good, Armor Value: 25% against melee, 1 Weight Points
x 1 MedKit [General Medical]
- Condition: Good, 1 Weight Points
x 1 Survivor Bag
- Condition: Worn, +5 Weight Points
Ruger Single Six:
Condition: Good, 3 Weight Points, 5 Attack Damage, -1 .22L bullet each attack, 6 rounds before reload.
x 30 .22L Ammunition
- Condition: Good, 1 Weight Points
x 1 Sealed Chemicals, Tubes
- Condition: Good, 2 Weight Points
x 1 Deer-Skin Water Flask
- Condition: Good, 1 Weight Point
x 5 Box of Pocky
- Condition: Good, 1 Weight Point


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