The Shilla Hotel

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The Shilla Hotel

Post by Emiya on Mon Nov 17, 2014 8:12 pm

'I am a wolf, hubristic and greedy, with a talent only for destruction.
Without looking back or reflecting, I puff out my chest in pride,
And if that means I'll be alone, then alone I'll be.
And one day, I'm sure, I'll meet the Little Red Riding Hood that will destroy me.'

Beep.  Beep.  Beep. 

The blaring sound of an electronic alarm clock intruded Gisela's system, prompting her to sleepily raise an eyelid in reaction to the sudden noise.  A bright morning light peered through a large window near her bed, causing her to immediately regret bothering to open her eyes even for a moment.  A few senses began to creep up that only served to prove how tired she was - a distant sound of flowing water and the smell of fresh bread.  Yet even with these intrusions she was far too tired to budge, or even make a move to shut off the vile construct across the room.  Regardless, the merciless alarm clock continued its heinous act of noise-making, with no sympathy for her plight.

After a moment, her hand raised slightly, still covered in her comfy blanket, and she snapped once.  As if in unison, the alarm shut off - not just the noise, but the entire device went blank.  With her eyes still closed and with no intent to follow up with anything but sleep, Gisela smiled reassuringly at the sudden lack of noise.  

"Hey, hey, young lady, shouldn't you be waking up?"  A somewhat deep voice seem to echo across the room, yet the source of it was right next to Gisela.  The voice was less a sound and more a signal sent directly to the brain simulating a recognizable voice.  Gisela knew this voice well, of course.

"Come on...  That flight was long, the delays were awful, and I haven't slept in days...  Its only been two hours!"  Gisela attempted to reason with the voice, but to no avail.

"True, true, but this is a very urgent mission for The Mages Association, and as your first duty, I know you want to make an excellent impression."  

Finally, with that, the last remnant of sleepiness left Gisela and she opened her eyes.  Beside her was an animal with brown and white fur, twitching its nose every so often and making a small purring noise.  It was obviously a guinea pig.  It also happened to be a magical one.

"Alright.  Fine.  I'm up."  The bed began to fluctuate slightly as she moved to get up, causing the guinea pig to bounce up and down with it.  The furry creature looked at Gisela as if in defiance and stopped purring, but otherwise did nothing.  Gisela stretched her arms and let off a yawn as she walked over to the large window.  She hugged herself for warmth and breathed into her hands, noticing a small white fog escape her breath - she had forgotten to turn the heater on, and it was blisteringly cold.  Still, she pulled open the curtains and finally surveyed the city she was in.

From her luxury hotel, one could see a mass of skyscrapers and shopping districts littering the area, and she was just high enough to see the ocean in the far distance passed the other skyscrapers.  The entire city seemed to be covered in white, as snow lightly fell to the ground and covered the buildings.  The usual bustle of the city was absent, and as she looked on at the blanket of snow, it was surprisingly peaceful - of course, it was also way too early and cold to be going out.  

She turned back around and eyed the guinea pig, who was now nibbling absent-mindedly on the bedsheet.  "So, did you identify the water source while I was asleep?" 

"I could not detect anything wrong with the water supply to this hotel.  I have a hunch that this will be nothing big, but I would suggest testing the water supply in the shopping district." The guinea pig wisely went straight to the point.  "By the way, I heated up some bread."

Gisela stared dumb-foundedly at the guinea pig for a moment.  Although it was her creation, she was still not quite used to all of its capabilities.  "How did you...?"

The guinea pig purred once again in pride, and its hair seemed to puff up slightly. 


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