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Setting and Lore

Post by Game Master on Wed Apr 29, 2015 9:12 pm

As I make progress on the game, things may change about the lore - so nothing here is 100% official.  Consider this a simple guide to how the world is suppose to work at the most basic level.  I'm going to try to not be too descriptive, as my goal is to create a world supported by role-playing and flavor text as opposed to just flat out explaining everything.  If you have any specific questions about how something should work or whether or not an idea you have could be considered "canon", just ask me or refer to this thread as it expands.  The lore is intentionally left open for interpretation for the purpose of creating a more interesting and fantastical world together.


The game takes place on planet Earth, but the geography of the planet is only slightly similar and the size is much larger than the real world Earth.  There are a few real world concepts that carry over, such as "Goth", "Briton", or "Mesopotamia".  Keep in mind however, that this is with the context of a magical world that is "Earth-like".  Any modern descriptive of nation states or regions do not exist.  The most obvious parallel to the real world is the concept of East v. West.  Specifically, the game takes place in a medieval European setting - and a fictional Asian setting exists in the same world and roughly in the same space as on the real Earth.  However, the two are divided by vast and treacherous untamed land, make the two places seem mythical to each other.

Here is a description of some of the camps in Gladius Regis:

  • Human - Humans are characterized by their fertility, tenacity, and faith.  Average in size, humans can vary from tall and slender to short and stout.  They were the most numerous species, and had factions all throughout the world.  Consequently, more humans died or were corrupted during the Cataclysm than any other race.  While humans adapt to their environment somewhat, most of the time they transform the land to suit their needs.  Both magically and technologically, the human race is balanced between elves and dwarves.  Humans have a strong connection with the divine, and are protected by angels.  The average life-span of a human is sixty years.

  • Elves - Elves are characterized by their wisdom, intelligence, and strong connection with Mana.  Elves are very tall and slender.  The elven species has suffered greatly since the Cataclysm, and their numbers have dwindled significantly.  Unlike the other races, elves adapt quickly to their environment.  Elven blood in particular is very versatile and can form with many different races to produce new kinds.  Elves are very powerful in the realm of magic, but are complacent and stagnant in technology.  The average life-span of an elf is one thousand years.

  • Dwarves - Dwarves are characterized by their intelligence, strength, and heartiness.  They are short and stout.  The dwarves have never been a particularly fertile species.  Dwarves mainly reside in very mountainous regions, where they carved their settlements deep in caves and tunnels.  During the Cataclysm, entire dwarf kingdoms were completely wiped out and swallowed by the underworld or natural disasters.  Dwarves have no affinity with Mana - but make up for it with their superior technology in metallurgy and craftsmanship.  The average life-span of a dwarf is five hundred years.

  • Orcs - Orcs are characterized by their strength, brutishness, and bloodlust.  They are large and muscular.  The Orcs are very numerous, and command large tribes that cover the earth's most uninhabitable places, such as deserts and wastelands.  Most Orcs died in hopeless battle against legions of demonic forces during the Cataclysm.  Though lacking both in the intelligence to harness powerful Mana or technology, they make up for it with their sheer power and fearlessness.  Orcs typically use primitive weapons or things stolen from raids.  The average life-span of an Orc is forty years.

Thematically, the game is set in a European dark ages style setting, after an event known collectively as The Cataclysm.  Technology has stagnated, infrastructure of once proud kingdoms slowly decay, and everyone is just trying to survive with what little resources are left.  Monsters are numerous but scattered, simply roaming aimlessly.  The situation in the east or any other continent for that matter is no better off.

Magic and Technology
Mana is the will of natural order.  Specifically, it is the magical force of Earth itself, but it manifests as a collective consciousness for an ecosystem.  It is an energy that can be wielded by catalysts and mages who use it to create powerful spells.  Each "place" has its own natural will and thus its own form of magic.  For instance, a forest has a natural will and so the mana within controls the local weather, wildlife, and even communicates with sentient beings who reside therein.  The same can be said any other geographical place, such as deserts, plains, mountain ranges, or seas.  During the Catyclsm, a "darkfire" curse bled into Mana and destroyed nearly everything.

Technology is very similar to the kind of architecture, tools, and weapons that existed in Medieval Europe.  A lot of technology is infused with magic or relies on it in some way.  After the Catyclsm, a lot of knowledge was lost.

The Cataclysm
The Cataclysm was a series of events that was set in motion by the collective corruption of earthly kingdoms by infiltrating demonic forces.  A bridge was made between dimensions; legions of dark phantoms and demons charged through this gate and sought to conquer not just Earth, but the celestial realm as well.  This invasion was largely successful, and it seemed that darkness would eclipse all life, until the Mana of Earth was "corrupted" by the divine in a last ditch effort to save creation.  This extremely powerful energy, known as the darkfire curse; ruptured the link between dimensions, and brought unfathomable destruction to both worlds.  The game's setting takes place two hundred years after this event; roughly.  As a result of this event, the flow of time was disrupted, and so it is shattered like a broken mirror.  Continuity flows like a dream, and time is relative to the perspective of consciousness.

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