Character Creation Template

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Character Creation Template

Post by Game Master on Wed Apr 29, 2015 9:56 pm

Name: (The Name of your character)

Powers and Abilities: (Describe the feats, spells and equipment you'd like for this character to have.)

Camp: (The character's "race" along with their "class".  There may be variation on the combination, but keep in mind for the sake of game mechanics there can only be so many camps.  Refer to established camps to decide on what your character is.)

Card Art:
(Insert the card art here)

Back story: (Use this space to craft your character's personality and history.)

Flavor Text: (Insert here the flavor text you'd like the card to have, if any.)

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Re: Character Creation Template

Post by Emiya on Thu Apr 30, 2015 5:08 am

Name: Inari

Powers and Abilities: 

Camp: Kitsune Demi-God

Back Story: Inari is a half-goddess born by the god of the harvest and a kitsune - magical fox creatures with the ability to shapeshift.  Inari was conceived by the god in an attempt to spread his ability to cultivate and protect crops for humans.  There were many humans who did not directly receive the Harvest gods blessings - after all, just as there is a Harvest God, so too is there a God of Famine.  Thus, Inari was born as the harvest gods child, yet was given to a kitsune who masqueraded as a human, and an unrelated human man who lived in the village of Fore.

Even as a pup, Inari was blessed with innate magical potential due to both her divine heritage and her kitsune bloodline, and took a natural human form at birth.  She was able to freely change between human and fox forms without any need to cast a spell to do so.  As a fox, her fur shined a bright, almost other-worldy brilliant red as evidence of her divinity, and even in her human form she possessed an appearance that had the effect of a natural charm spell.  Although she would have normally been very out of place, she was raised in the outskirts of the village mostly by her kitsune mother, and whenever she would venture into the city many people simply thought of her as an extremely beautiful foreigner.  

At a young age, Inari began her duties as the guardian of the village of Fore, and ensured the protection and cultivation of the crops.  She possessed a natural ability to enrich mana into wheat, thus allowing it to grow even under strenuous conditions.  In addition, wild animals instinctively knew of her divinity and protection over the crops, and the wolves and foxes of the area ceased to threaten the village.  Over time, the village grew a reputation for its high-quality grain, and wealth followed.

However, it was not to last.  Still considered a young woman by kitsune standards, and certainly so by the gods at the age of 103, she could not do much to protect her village from other outside forces. Inari's village was attacked, caught up in a brutal war that was influenced by some meddling of other gods.  Inari was not caught in the slaughter - her father, who had remained mostly unknown to her for her entire life, sent her on a quest that served only to get her away from the village long enough to avoid the attack.  When Inari finally returned, she was devastated at the sight of her ruined village which she had grew up in.  She had wanted nothing more than to protect it.  Although her father had good intentions, she could not forgive his decision.  The humans who lived in Fore had worshiped Inari, not her father, as the Goddess of the Harvest, of Grains, and Fertility, and they associated her with protection and warmth.  Thus, she felt she had failed them completely.

Inari cut her ties with the gods and ventured off into lands far-away, searching for a place she could call home, and a people she could protect.


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