Britonia, Province of The North Lands

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Britonia, Province of The North Lands

Post by Game Master on Wed Aug 26, 2015 7:12 pm

Britonia, the last bastion of the old empire.  Isolated from the rest of Europa, Britonia maintains the ancient traditions of Vartilin, a powerful empire that once ruled most of the known world.  Each major city, of which there are nine, is controlled by a king who is subservient to the Kaiser, an imperial title exhumed from the antiquity of Vartilin government.  The title of Kaiser is carried by the decedents of the Imperial throne.  While the Kaiser has no real power, the title wielder is a political figure head and source of cultural identity for Britonians.  Each of the nine kings descends from one of the legion generals that fought for the old empire - founding their own holdings, they swore to maintain this province for the restoration of Vartilin.  Four hundred years have passed since the fall of Vartilin, and the fabric of unity in Britonia is slowly beginning to unravel...  The orc raiders from the north east barrage Britonia constantly, the kings find themselves in entangled alliances against usurpers, hungry for power; and The Silver Knight - a legendary warrior who would come to aid those in the darkest of times, has seemingly disappeared.

Before it was known as Provinca Brotinia, the land was inhabited by a similar fractured landscape of elven kingdoms.  Their recorded history had transpired for thousands of years before Vartilin arrived; and legend tells of a great war between the elves in the south and the dwarves in the north.  In today's political landscape, the elves have no real dominion over the land, and the dwarven settlements are but ruins of its former glory.

Our story of great adventure and heroic deeds starts here, in the midst of this brewing turmoil -  in the humble village of _______.

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