The Tournament of heroes

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The Tournament of heroes

Post by Andris Greatwing on Mon Oct 05, 2015 4:19 pm

The grandest tournament to ever be hosted happens every decade. Where the strongest and most skilled fighters are gathered from across the world for a chance to win a vast amount of wealth and the title of for the greatest fighter in the world. This competition is hosted by a mysterious man and the location unknown to where they will be fighting. 


 You have been invited to the tournament of heroes it is a great honor and wish you the best of luck.
Report at the docks in merrisphere on Jan 9 3078 8am sharp 
The rules are simple it will be a fight till the last man stands.

  1. You may bring anything you can carry and use any weapon
  2. General a fight to the death but you may surrender and wait by the safe zone at the entrance.
  3. Anything goes in a free for all, may create alliances or work solo but there can only be one winner 

That is all to be know by our competitors 

your generous host N
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