Character Creation Template & Info (WIP)

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Character Creation Template & Info (WIP)

Post by Emiya on Sun Dec 20, 2015 4:16 pm

Character Creation

Your first character must have one descendant that can take their place should they die.  This descendant can be a son, daughter, orphan, or younger sibling.  Therefore, plan to make two characters, one older and one younger.




Physical Appearance:



Spouses Background and Class:


Backgrounds: For the background section, you must include a premade background that determines your beginning stat bonuses, available skills, and what classes you may choose. You should choose a background based on your backstory. Your GM may allow custom backgrounds as well. Starting backgrounds include:


Rogue – Background must be either Thief, Scout, or Ruffian. A class that specializes in stealth and speed over power and defense. Available skills include Lock Picking, Sneak Attack, and Steal. Good SKL, SPD and LCK. Uses swords.

Sword Fighter – Background must be either Thief or Noble. A sword-wielding class that possesses higher accuracy and offensive capabilities but lower defense. Available skills include Crit Bonus (+5) and Flourish. Good SPD, SKL, and LCK.

Mercenary/Fighter – Background must be either Journeyman, Trainee, or Ruffian. A balanced sword-wielding class that possesses a mix of defense and offense. Available skills include Jump Attack and Armsthrift. Good STR, SKL, SPD, and DEF.

Barbarian – Background must be either Journeyman, Trainee, or Ruffian. A tanky axe-wielding class that boasts high raw damage and high health. Available skills include Smite, Sweep, and Second Wind. Good HP, STR, and DEF. Male only.

Knight – Background must be either Squire or Trainee. A tanky lance-wielding class that has high physical damage resistance but low health. Available skills include Shield Bash, Provoke, and Sturdy. High STR and DEF.

Cavalier – Background must be either Squire of Trainee. A balanced mounted class with overall good stats and capable of wielding lances, axes, and swords. Available skills include Pass, Canto, Empathy, and Flourish.

Archer – Background must be either Trainee or Scout. A ranged class utilizing a bow to attack from a distance. Available skills include Flourish and Crit Bonus (+5). Good SKL, SPD, LCK, and DEF.

Pegasus Knight – Background must be either Noble or Skywatcher. A flying mounted unit with high movement speed and magic resistance, able to quickly rescue allies and use swords and lances. Skills include Canto, Soar, Edify, and Farseeing. Good MAG, SPD, LCK, and RES. Female only.

Wyvern Rider – Background must be either Squire or Skywatcher. A flying mounted unit with strong offensive and defensive capabilities. Skills include Canto, Soar, Farseeing, and Shriek. Good STR and DEF. Uses Axes.

Troubadour – Background must be Acolyte. A mounted healer with high mobility but low defense. Skills include Canto, Healing Touch, and Tele-Focus. Good MAG and LCK.

Priest/Cleric – Background must be Acolyte. A standard healer with high magic resistance. Skills include Healing Touch, Tele-Focus, Pray, and Mercy. Good MAG, LCK, and RES. Priests are male-only and have higher HP, while Clerics are female only and have higher MAG.

Mage – Background must be either Pupil or Apprentice. A casting class that uses elemental magic to attack from range. Skills include Meditation, Keen eye, and Corrosion. Good MAG, SKL, and SPD.

Dark Mage – Background must be either Pupil or Apprentice. A casting class that uses dark magic to attack from range and steal life. Skills include Meditation, Enscribe Dark Runes, and Parity.


Hit Points (HP): These represent your life and overall vitality.  If they are reduced to zero or less, you die.  You lose Hit Points when hit by enemy attacks.
Strength (STR): This represents your physical strength.  It determines your damage on physical attacks.
Magic (MAG): This represents your magic aptitude.  It determines your damage on magical attacks.
Skill (SKL): Your accuracy, this attribute constitutes all attacks rolls and critical hit rolls.
Speed (SPD): Your dexterity and level of quickness.  This affects dodging and your chance to double attacks foes.
Luck (LCK): Your sixth sense, this affects accuracy, dodge, and your proficiency for evading opponent’s critical hits.
Defense (DEF): Your physical durability, this reduces damage from physical attacks.
Resistance (RES): Your spiritual durability, this reduces damage from magical attacks.
Charisma (CHA): Your physical attractiveness and your overall people skills.  It’s often used as a persuasive tool.  

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Re: Character Creation Template & Info (WIP)

Post by Game Master on Mon Dec 21, 2015 1:48 am

Name: Gheralt Bluecrest of ___

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Physical Appearance: Gheralt has long, flowing blonde hair and sharp facial features.  He's tall, has brown eyes, and a fair complexion.
Gheralt Bluecrest of ___:

Background: Squire (Patrician)

Backstory: Gheralt Bluecrest, born 1028, to a family of knights.  As a child, Gheralt would listen to tales of great heroism and derring-do from his grandfather, who earned his place among the imperial elites through service in the military as a knight.  He was an adventurous lad, and often got into trouble as a child - playing with the peasantry and otherwise not attending to the strict regimental life of a military family.

At the coming of age, Gheralt was given schooling and apprenticeships at the military academy, where he proved to be exemplary in horseback riding.  His finesse with a lance was also praised highly by his peers and teachers.  In his mind, he had found his key to honoring the Bluecrest name.

As an adult, Gheralt served proudly amongst the other knights as a royal officer of cavalry.  His service was filled with proud and virtuous deeds - inflating his ego and his prestige in the military.  Often invoking his pedigree, Gheralt was known for being somewhat pompous and grandstanding.  Even still, his comrades in arms and fellow knights - for whom he respected and honored; knew him as a true friend.  While a hopeless romantic and womanizer in towns and cities, he was a brave warrior in battle, who would swiftly bring justice to the enemy and aid his allies to his best efforts.

One particular mark of redemption for Gheralt was when he copulated with a bar wench from a neighboring kingdom; and she came to produce a child.  It was under no means rare for campaigning armies to leave a score of bastard children in their wake, but Gheralt was unwilling to leave his fair maiden with child, alone and fearful of this dangerous world.  He took her hand in marriage, and returned home to establish a home for his wife and daughter.  While most of his family strongly disapproved of his decision, he vowed to raise the child to be a bluecrest through and through.  The woman he married (Alessa Bluecrest) cast aside her old life and took up duties within the church as a priestess.

Spouses Background and Class:

Class: Cavalier

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Re: Character Creation Template & Info (WIP)

Post by Solidcannon on Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:08 pm

Name: John Silverfang

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Physical Appearance: A giant of a man, with arms as round as logs and the muscle to match. A large unkempt beard dances across his chin. Many scars adore his body including three large slashes from what appears to be a large beast around his neck. His hair is black and wavy.

Background: Trainee

Backstory: John was born into life as a blacksmiths son, both of his parents were kind people often helping those around them when able. When he was old enough he began working with his father in the shop to help earn more money, the harsh work quickly built him a body that would last a lifetime. He also quickly outgrew his parents. He was several head taller than both of his parents. 

A few years pass and John is still working as a blacksmith alongside his father but as an equal, it gives them both great pride and respect working together. 

Spouses Background and Class:

Class: Knight

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Re: Character Creation Template & Info (WIP)

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