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Victory Condition - Control all of the cities and home cities.
Defeat Condition - Control zero structures.
The game is played in turns, with each players orders occuring simultaniasly. Each turn is divided into 8 stages.
Stage 1 - PopCap Check
In this stage, each player's population capacity is adjusted for how many cities they own vs how many units they own.

Stage 2 - Build
In this stage, each player's build orders are fufilled if their PopCap allows.

Stage 3 - Movement
In this stage, each player's move orders are fufilled, assuming the unit is not immoble or recently built from Stage 2. All units that have not recently been built and are not immoble can move - but only once to an adjacent structure. (This is not applied with being bumped back) Movement is not requried however; and the default order for all units is Hold. You can have as many units as you want move to any adjacent structure; as mutliple units occupying the same space does not cause a conflict provided they are from the same player.

Stage 4 - Conflict/Capture
In this stage, each conflict is resolved and then each structure successfuly reached is given to its respective player.

Stage 5 - Supply Check
In this stage, each player's units are checked for logical routes of supply from refineries. All units not found to have a sufficent supply line will be marked as out of supply. If there are multiple possibilites for which units can recieve supply or not, the player will be PMed and forced to resolve the issue.

Stage 6 - Penalty
In this stage, each player's units that are out of supply are given a mark. If a unit has three marks, it becomes immoble.

Stage 7 - Restoration
In this stage, each player's units that passed the supply check will lose a mark if they have any.

Stage 8 - Victory/Defeat/Concession Checks
In this stage, there is a check to see if any player has accomplished the victory conditon, the defeat condition, or has given the order to conceede.

Conflict & Conflict Resolution

Conflict - Conflict can occur in one of two ways. The first way is by there existing units from different players occupying the same structure, and the second way is by units from different players attempting to move directly into the structure opposite each other.

Conflict Resolution - Conflict resolution is derivied from the total strength exhibited by all parties involed in the conflict. The player weilding the greateset strength in the conflict wins and their units are not "bumped back" - instead, they continue on their path or capture the structure in quesiton. All of the weaker parties are bumped back. If there is a tie in strength between two more more parties in the conflict and there is no single party greater, all units are bumped back unless they were defending. In which case, they remain stationary.

Defending - If a unit was given a hold order and then entered a conflict, it is considered to be defending.

Bumped back - If a unit is bumped back, it is forced to move to the previous structure from whence it came. If that structure is occuped by by a different player's units, those units will enter a conflict with the bumped back unit(s). Units will continue this pattern of bumping back if defeat continues to occur until it wins a conflict, has found a structure with no conflict, or is incappable of moving from its current location to another location controlled by its player. If it becomes incappble, it is destroyed.

Immobilization - If a unit has to bump back but is immobileized, it will be destroyed instead.

There are two units in the game that can be produced. Infantry and Tanks.

Infantry - Infantry have a strength of 1, cost 1 PopCap, and require 1 line of supply to pass the supply check.

Tank - Tanks have a strength of 4, cost 2 PopCap, and require 2 lines of supply to pass the supply check.

There are four structures in the game. Cities, Home Cities, Refineries, and Military Bases.

Cities - Cities are needed to acomplish the Victory Condition, and raise your PopCap by 1.

Refineries - Refineres generate 1 supply for your army. Provided they are connected through a logical route to a unit - they can provide that unit supply.

Military Bases - Military Bases are where units are produced. Multiple units can be produced at once at each base.

Home Cities - Home Cities are your starting location and act as Cities, Refineres, and Military bases. They are also required to accomplish the Victory Condition.

There are four types of orders that can be given each turn. Build, Hold, Move, and Conceede.

Build - This order produces a unit, provided you have the PopCap and base necessary to produce it.
Example - Build 1 Tank@M1

Hold - This is the default order for all units, with the unit simply remaining where it is.
Example - Hold@R2

Move - This order is given to units that you want to move to an adjacent structure. You can move any number of units from a structure to another. You can even have multiple untis going to different adjacent structures, and then have others Hold.
Example - C2 > C3
(or if you only want to move some of the units) 3 Infantry + 1 Tank @ C2 > C3.

Conceede - You are removed from the game. All of your structures and units become neutral.

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