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Travel Mode Actions
You can take 5 action every day and 5 actions every night. Moving into an adjacent tile consumes 1 action point. Small actions like pickpocketing, eating, and talking are free actions. Entering an encounter consumes 1 action point. Entering/leaving a party is a free action.

Entering into a soft tile like a town, road, or city consumes only 1 action. Entering into hard tiles like forests, deserts, and swamps consumes 3. Setting up camp or crafting an item costs 1 action point. Sleeping costs 4 action point. Equipping/Unequipping is a free action, shopping costs 1 action point. Exploring costs 1 action point in a soft tile, and 2 action points in a hard tile.

You will gain vision of adjacent tiles if you are in a soft tile, but hard tiles do not provide that vision. It is possible to travel in a direction and waste movement points should you try to go somewhere into the unknown and accidentally "bump" into impassible terrain.

Each player has 1 standard action a turn. Equipping/unequpping is a free action, as well as talking.
A player is "weakened" when their life is below 10%. The following actions are standard actions.
-Cast Spell
-Activate Special Ability

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