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Here's a character template because it's been over a year and we never got one.
Character Template



Character Theme:

Powers and Abilities:

Physical Attributes:


Tools and Equipment:




Name: Aeon
Age: Unknown, possibly thousands of years
Gender: Female
Character Theme: Justice / Sorrow
Powers and Abilities:
Time Manipulation - Aeon is able to control the affects of time in physical objects that she contacts, allowing her to age or regress these objects as she so chooses.  Stronger enemies resist the aging process brought by this power and take longer to weaken, while a normal human can potentially be aged to death in a matter of seconds.  In addition to its destructive capacity, Aeon can essentially bring back the recently deceased due to being able to reverse the affects of wounds.

Regeneration - Aeon's Time Manipulation is always active and changing her body to a peak condition state, thus, so long as a part of her brain remains, she automatically regenerates to her peak state.  

Time Stop - Aeon has occasionally shown the ability to completely stop time in a city-block level scale for a few seconds.

Weapon Proficiency – Aeon is proficient with numerous weapons and gadgets, and is very up to date on current technology.
Physical Attributes: Above peak human, and considered superhuman.  Sonic movement and acceleration.  Lifting strength of around 50 tons.  Can tank blows multiple times stronger than herself due to passive regeneration, which often regenerates her before any noticeable damage is done.
Intelligence: Has experience and knowledge extending thousands of years, and in some cases has access to technology that is considered ahead of its time.  Often uses technology and tactics to defeat stronger foes.
Tools and Equipment: Uses a wide range of hand-crafted advanced weaponry, employing the use of firearms, vehicles, and sometimes hidden blades.
Weaknesses: Has difficulty working with a team.  No other notable weaknesses.

Bio: Aeon does not remember her birthdate, but claims to have been born in Ancient Greece over 2000 years ago.  She was the daughter of a now unknown divine of Temporal mastery and a human male.    Raised in a relatively poor environment despite her bloodline, Aeon grew in a normal peasant household until she became aware of her powers at the age of 12.  It is said that during the next 9 years of her life after she discovered her powers, she went on many adventures and quests just as the gods of old did.

Around this time Aeon first encountered Gnos, and they have been rivals ever since Aeon's first few victories over the entity.  Due to the nature of Gnos's powers, Gnos returned throughout the years, becoming more crafty and more deadly as time went on.  Eventually, Gnos found a way to temporarily defeat Aeon by manipulating her own time powers, which caused Aeon to time leap years into the future.  This happened many times throughout the ages, and she grew to hate her arch-rival with a passion.

Aeon has lived in many places throughout the world, never staying in one place for too long, lest Gnos once again target those she would form a bond with.  Despite her constant traveling and isolation, however, she became somewhat affiliated with CIS, and has become one of their long-lasting partners.

Currently, Aeon lives in the recently rebuilt New Orleans in the United States.

Despite (or because of) her long history, she does not speak much of it, and hardly even thinks about her past if she does not have to.  She has only one goal, and that is to exterminate Gnos and its entire existence.  

Personality: Aeon comes off as cold, aloof, and cynical to most people.  She is exceptionally sharp and witty, and has no qualms with dispensing a few verbal jabs when necessary, even at the expense of her own team.  Although appearing serious and to-the-point, she very clearly has a sense of dry humor, something that is often not recognized immediately.  She keeps no secret that she really only cares about her duties, and the lives of those around her are relatively unimportant in comparison.  She tries to place some amount of importance on the average life, but doesn't go out of her way to save people.

Although normally calm and sharp, she has been known to become agitated and even aggressive when the subject of Gnos is brought up.  She very clealry has a deep and intense hatred for the being.  She keeps her history and personal details mostly a secret from others, but does not hide her feelings about people or events, and in that regard, is often brutally honest.

Aeon does derive enjoyment from other things, but she mostly keeps herself busy with teaching a college history class, where her personality is much more friendly.  

Name: Ferrus Argo, "Beast"
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Character Theme: Kengen
Powers and Abilities:
Berserk - Ferrus Argo gets stronger, more durable, and faster as he gets angrier.  As a downside, he also begins to lose control of himself, and acts more instinctual than normal.   Although primarily triggered by anger and rage, it is possible for other emotions such as pain, excitement, or fear to trigger his Berserk state.

Martial Skill - Beast is proficient with various martial arts and combat techniques, and has even invented his own fighting style.
Physical Attributes: At base, Beast has superhuman strength, with a striking force measuring over 1 ton and can resist an equal amount of force.  His base movement and reaction speed is at peak human.  As Beast gets angrier and stronger, all his physical attributes increase substantially.  At peak, Beast has a striking force of 50 tons and can resist an equal amount of force, and has speed and reaction time equal to subsonic speeds.
Intelligence: At base, Beast has about average human intelligence, however, he is considered smart when it comes to employing fighting styles.  As he becomes angrier, however, he becomes more and more feral, eventually becoming animalistic in nature.
Tools and Equipment: None notable.
Weaknesses: Beast has a difficult time keeping in control of his rage, and once on a rampage, he does not discriminate between friend or foe.  In addition, although abnormally powerful even by superhero standards, Beast can fall victim to mental attacks easier than most.

Bio: For as long as he can remember, two things have remained constant for Ferrus Argo, nicknamed "Beast": he has always been fighting, and he has always been plagued by nightmares.

His earliest memories are of fighting.  He has fought in everything from wars to underground fight clubs, which earned him the title "Beast" due to his primal fighting style.  Partially because of his history of fighting, he finds it enjoyable, as it is the only thing he really 'knows'.  It can be said that it is what he lives for.

The nightmare he is constantly haunted by provides the only real insight into his past.  All he can derive from it is a familiar looking woman taken away against her will, while he is held back, helpless and weak.  Whatever the nightmare means, he knows that he must constantly become stronger, so that the vision in his dream never actually comes true.

Personality: Beast is primarily defined by his fighting spirit.  He doesn't care much for issues around him nor of good and evil, and only seeks enjoyment in fighting worthy foes.
The Crow:
Name: Coronis, "The Crow", "Hina"
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Character Theme: Hina - Die Lorelei V1 V2 / The Crow - Through the looking glass
Powers and Abilities:
Clairempathy - Coronis can interpret and understand the moods, emotions, and temperament of others on a continent-wide scale, including animals and other creatures.  While this is technically always active, Coronis can manually enter a creatures mind, creating a temporary psychic 'link' between them.  Once a link is set up it is possible for Coronis to change or heavily influence the emotions of the linked creatures.  This is more effective when she is in physical contact with the subject, but contact is not necessary.  It can also act as a form of mind-reading towards those who act on emotion.  Clairempathy is always active and cannot be turned off, and it can be more difficult to read the emotions of a single person in a large crowd or with many distractions.

Empathic Healing - Coronis can use her power of clairempathy to transfer emotional and mental wounds (including pain, memories, and trauma) to herself.  Physical wounds cannot be healed.

Mind Manipulation - Once Coronis has sucessfully set up a link between another creature, she is capable of interfering with many of the brains processes to generate hallucinations.  While not tangible, they can appear very real to the subject - however, the hallucination itself is subject to what the creature knows, and Coronis is slightly limited in choosing what hallucinations in particular appear.

Telekinesis - Coronis has moderate-high levels of telekinesis, which includes being able to control and manipulate objects at an atomic level, detect her surroundings, use remote teleportation, and emit shock-waves.  The power of her telekinesis varies upon her concentration and the amount of mental energy being put into the task.  There is technically no limit to the power other than the strain on her own mind, and thus her greatest feats usually peak at a lifting force of about 5 tons.

Mental Projection & Dream Walking - Coronis can project herself into the mind of a willing subject, which gives Coronis all of the subjects emotions, memories, and feelings since the beginning of its lifetime, even things the subject is not aware of.  Similarly, she can enter the dreams of a subject (the subject does not need to be willing or even aware that this is happening) and manipulate the dream as she wishes.  In some cases, events caused by Coronis in the dream-world have happened in real life, but it is unknown whether this is coincidence or actual reality warping.

Physical Attributes: Coronis is about as strong as the average female human of her age group, though her durability is a little lower than that due to her frailness.  Her reaction speed is quite quick, especially due to her telekinesis (which can cause her reaction speeds to go up to supersonic), but her movement speed is also just average human level.
Intelligence: Coronis has superhuman intelligence capable of processing thoughts much faster than the normal human, and she is considered the second smartest individual in the CIS.  However, she does not have much experience in general, which detracts from actual application of her knowledge.
Tools and Equipment: Often wears a hat which slightly subdues her cliarempathic powers and allows her to function a little more normally.
Weaknesses: Physically weak.  Empath powers are useless against foes without emotion.  Gentle and does not like killing.

Bio: Coronis was born to a relatively normal but poor family in the city of New Orleans.  While she was still very young, her parents noticed something very peculiar about their daughter – she was especially inquisitive when it came to responding to, and in some cases almost understanding, their thoughts and feelings.  Even before she could speak or understand words, Coronis seemed to know much more about the people around her than someone her age should have known.

By the time Coronis entered elementary school, she had gotten into trouble with both the school administration and her parents.  Although she did not understand it at the time, she was able to 'hear' the true emotions of others and often misinterpreted these as words, and confronted them as such.  This led to many misunderstandings due to Coronis never being able to properly communicate with others, and led to her accidentally exposing her fathers adulterous relationship.  Eventually, her parents broke up, in part due to their confusion and frustration with their daughter, and Coronis was periodically relocated to different schools as her mother moved around.  Although her mother did love her, it was very clear that Coronis was 'different' and needed special attention.

At the age of 10, Coronis was handed over to a mental hospital under the CIS (central intelligence security), where her brain and thought process was more carefully analyzed.  A cure was never found, however, the reason for her abnormal behavior became known among the superiors in the CIS.  She was eventually moved to a CIS complex dedicated towards training and using gifted superhumans, located in her original hometown of New Orleans.  

She would spend the next half of her life in this small complex, assisting CIS officials in many ways, from finding criminals continent-wide to acting as a flawless lie detector, to healing soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.  To the CIS, she became one of their most important assets, and became well protected at the cost of her freedom and independence.  By this time, however, Coronis became little more than a shell of her former self, and no longer had any kind of notable personality, and never showed emotion.

To some of those who work with Coronis, she is known by the nickname "Hina" - a type of doll she was once seen holding when she was younger, and Coronis herself has adopted the name.  

However, those outside know her by a different name.  They call the girl with red eyes and pale skin appearing in their dreams and nightmares "The Crow", but no one knows that she has extended her reach outside of the secure CIS complex and entered the dreamworld of people outside.  For now, "The Crow" and "Hina the Doll" are two entirely separate entities.

Personality: Due to her powers of empathy, Coronis is full of emotion – but one could never tell that this is the case, due to her default expressionless stare, and her voice that lacks any kind of conviction or personality.  Although she can understand other people better than they understand themselves, she feels nothing for herself and only lives through the feelings, emotions, and motivations of others, which is why she herself never expresses emotion.  Most employees of the CIS tend to see her as doll-like, uncanny and lifeless.

The source of her apparent apathy comes mostly from her clairempathy, which makes it difficult for her to differentiate between her own feelings and those of others.  Due to the constant flow of emotions she felt when she was younger, her coping mechanism was simply to stop feeling anything at all herself.  In addition, due to her upbringing, she has learned very well that knowing how people truly feel is a curse, not a blessing, and she views her powers as such – a curse.

Still, Coronis has much compassion for other people and finds happiness through the happiness of others, even if she finds it difficult to express such emotions herself.  Her calm, sensitive voice, very rarely heard, and compassion and love for others, is the closest thing to a real personality for her; as those are the only feelings she knows are truly her own.
Dead Eye:
Name: Andris "Dead Eye"
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Character Theme: Dead Eye's Theme / Andris's Theme
Powers and Abilities: None. Andris possesses no superhuman abilities.
Physical Attributes: At base, Andris is considered to have reached peak human physical abilities.  While he is no Olympic runner or weightlifter, he is skilled in all physical tasks and is extremely efficient overall.
Intelligence: Although he does not posses a superhuman level of intelligence, or even have the wealth of knowledge that others posses, Andris can be considered peak human when it comes to intelligence.  He can apply his knowledge at an exceptionally fast rate, and would easily score in the upper 99.9th percentile in an IQ test.
Tools and Equipment:

CGS Rifle - A one-of-a-kind computer-guided sniper rifle built and issued by the CIS.  It fires anti-material rifle rounds designed to destroy targets much stronger than humans, and it is assisted by a computer-guided component inside the bullet that locks on and tracks the target in a limited area.  In addition, Andris keeps a special cartridge of much lighter rounds that travel at a rate faster than supersonic, making it ideal against fast, lightly armored targets.

Stun Gun - A small handgun-shaped weapon that fires a small electric powered dart covered with a potent venom that can paralyze a normal human within 30 seconds unless immediately treated.  

Phase Staff - A electric-powered detachable staff made of lonsdaleite, a material durable enough to last against most superhumans.  Andris mostly uses this staff for self-defense and for close-quarters combat if no other option is available, and he is quite skilled with it - enough to surprise melee fighters.

Spec Ops Suit - A suit with a number of survival and combat oriented tools, including a cloaking device (lasting for 30 minutes at a time), gas mask, Kevlar bodyarmor, emergency medical supplies, rations, radar/compass/radio, and a visual readout that identifies targets and prevents mental interference via magic and many mind powers.

Utility Belt - Contains two combat knifes, stun grenades, chain & hook, extra ammunition, and CIS Ability Enhancing Pills.  Depending on the particular mission, Andris may bring along more specific tools as well.

CIS Ability Enhancing Pills  - A prototype pill issued very rarely by the CIS.  The pills temporarily enhance a users physical abilities, in a way very similar to how superhumans are born with innate abilities.  Because Andris is already particularly skilled, one of these pills increases his abilities to be on par with other full-fledged superhumans for 5 minutes.  Andris has a very limited supply of these pills, having fallen out in relations with the CIS.

Weaknesses: Andris has no special abilities and can be relatively defenseless without his equipment.

Bio: Raised as a military prodigy at a young age, Andris grew to posses a large amount of self control and self discipline.  However, as the days had gotten closer to his recruitment into the marines he ran away from home in fear of such commitment.  He then joined a mercenary group and became a freelancing mercenary under the CIS and took any contract job that required him to either kill or capture the target. In his five year of being a mercenary he picked up a few skills such as weapons handling of all kinds, and a mastery of hand to hand combat, which he utilized to put himself on the same ballfield as the superpowered freaks roaming the world.  Within a few years, he also became a veteran at hunting down certain types of superhumans. He later decided to play a solo act as a traveling rogue, armed with his usual bag of tricks but no longer bound by anything other than his own will.

Personality: Despite being only 26 he is very calm and calculating, but he hides it well with a smirk and a wise cracking personality.  He's very social and has the natural ability to get on peoples goodside.  He loves the ladies, but he seems to have a look of wearing a mask at all times as if to protect himself from emotional turmoil.
Name: Gnos, "The Dragon of Babylon," "Tatsu," various other names.
Age: Unknown / Older than Aeon / Varies depending on current body
Gender: Unknown / Varies depending on the body
Character Theme: Gnos's Theme / All the Worlds Evil
Powers and Abilities:
Infinite Reincarnation - The full function of this ability has alluded the CIS and Aeon for the most part, and its potential is unknown.  From observation, it is clear that Gnos can control his/her own spirit to a certain degree after his/her physical body has been destroyed.  This control over the spiritual body allows Gnos to enter the body of another being and replace the former spirit/soul controlling the body with Gnos's own spirit.  
This ability seems to have some limitation, as Gnos has only taken over toddlers and elderly people about to die, the latter being employed very rarely.  It would seem that while Gnos's spirit does dislodge the former spirit, it doesn't fully take control until around the age of maturity, and thus the person usually remains in control and unaware of Gnos's presence until Gnos chooses to take control.  Thus, Gnos usually makes a reappearance around every 20 years, when the body he has taken over reaches maturity.  
This ability has made Gnos virtually immortal, as no matter how many times s(he) dies, s(he) always comes back.

Super Intelligence - Gnos has displayed superior intelligence on numerous occasions, and is thought to have super intelligence despite it not being his/her main ability.  Gnos also has knowledge extending thousands of years - however, because of the nature of Infinite Reincarnation, Gnos does not retain knowledge like a normal being accumulates knowledge.  Whenever Gnos is reincarnated into another body, Gnos seems to be aware of his/her own previous lives in a way similar to someone reading a book, rather than having actually experienced it. 

Soul Manipulation - An ability that is used very rarely, Gnos is capable of literally sucking the life force out of a near-dead being, slightly healing himself of wounds in the process.  This ability seems to be rather poor since it is much easier to kill a near-dead victim without taking time to remove the soul itself; however, Gnos has, numerous times, attempted to use this against Aeon - which gave Aeon time to escape or retaliate.  Because of this, Aeon is certain that there is more to this ability than appearances would suggest.
Physical Attributes: Varies depending on the body
Intelligence: Always retains supersonic reaction speed and is considered one of the most intelligent superhumans ever documented.
Tools and Equipment: None notable.
Weaknesses: Gnos's physical power varies greatly depending on the body, and Gnos is often extremely weak as a result.

Bio: Very little is known about Gnos, and the little that is known is considered unreliable and is a result of Aeon's numerous encounters with Gnos.

Aeon originally encountered Gnos over 2000 years ago.  While Gnos's true intentions are unknown, it became apparent that s(he) intended to exterminate all superhumans (called 'gods' or 'heroes' at this time), and Gnos had developed efficient and deadly tactics that dealt with subduing and killing superhumans.  While Aeon was initially defeated by Gnos, Aeon soon received help from a group of ordinary humans who eventually came to be known as the CIS - an organization dedicated to restraining superhumans and maintaining order in human society.  After Gnos's initial defeat, s(he) continued to return throughout the ages, sometimes causing great catastrophes, and other times remaining quiet only to greet Aeon once again.

Gnos is currently low on the official extermination list of the CIS, as Aeon has had Gnos under relatively good control over the years.  However, the higher ups have begun to notice some kind of change, but they do not yet know what it is.

Personality: Gnos has slightly different personalities all the time, and it is unknown whether this is a result of his/her reincarnation, or if it's just Gnos's nature.  Generally, Gnos appears polite and enjoys small-talk with others, and acts the same towards friend and foe alike.  Gnos has a good sense of humor and laughs easily, suggesting s(he) takes enjoyment in many things; indeed, Gnos can be seen as a sort of connoisseur when it comes to pleasure, and Gnos has no problems with committing either evil or good, so long as it interests him/her.  Beneath this friendly exterior, however, lies an extremely intelligent superhuman, and it is impossible to tell what Gnos is really thinking.  Gnos has committed rape, murder, and genocide all with a smile.

The CIS notes that Gnos appears to have some sort of infatuation with Aeon, and that no matter what, Gnos always seems to seek and confront Aeon.  This has allowed the CIS to commit to other issues, knowing that Gnos will be occupied so long as Aeon is alive.  While Aeon clearly despises Gnos, Gnos seems to act the opposite, and will go on long rants praising Aeon.
Name: Johnathan Cook, “Pyromancer"
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Character Theme: Sword of Promised Victory
Powers and Abilities:

Fire Burst – Johnathan can shoot a ball of fire out of his hands the size of a football. This ability is best used to compliment other attacks since the accuracy and speed of the blast is not sufficient to take out other superhuman beings with substantial endurance. It is however; very cost effective as a spam-able ability due to its low energy cost.

Charge – The area around Johnathan begins to heat up, with greater levels of intensity the more effort he places into “charging” this ability. The area of effect also depends on the level of energy at his disposal, but it is largely controllable. The more expansive the radius, the more difficult it is to heat up. This ability automatically forms as a circle around him, and while he can warp the projection of this ability, it is difficult to do so. Channeling this ability from a foreign place rather than him is even more difficult, but possible.

Elemental Control – Johnathan has a touch ability to create or cancel the properties necessary to ignite or put out fires. In a vacuum, Johnathan could still produce flames – but this ability is best used to put out fires or cause items he is holding to catch a flame. This ability also gives Johnathan’s body a strong natural resistance to heat or being burned. Absorbing fires also gives Johnathan a significant energy boost.
Physical Attributes: Johnathan is peak human in most respects when in a high state of concentration. In all other respects, he is above average for a human being.
Intelligence: Johnathan's level of intelligence is that of a normal human being. He has an extensive knowledge in pyrotechnics and subjects related such as chemistry and physics.
Tools and Equipment: Johnathan has a small, hand crafted wardrobe of clothes that are fireproof, and are less bulky then their firefighter or solider counterparts – with the designs of them being only to not ignite, with no protection for the person wearing them. Other than this, there is nothing notable.
Weaknesses: Johnathan has a natural weakness to extremely cold temperatures, and can even be slightly bothered by weather that normal humans would simply describe as “cool”. Being subject to sub-zero temperatures can still be fatal to Johnathan even with consideration for his powers in mind.

Bio: Johnathan lived a normal life up until middle school, where he learned of his powers by accident. After he killed two school children and injured several others, he was expelled from school and his family was later placed under scrutiny by the government's CIS arm.

Over the course of his teenage life, the CIS played a major role in maintaining his education and was subject to their experiments. These experiments were often cruel or unusual, and though he hated them – he maintained compliance out of fear of death for him and his family.

At the age of seventeen, his parents tried to rescue him from the CIS' grasp, but were apprehended by agents before even making it into the building. Word that his parents were killed scared him, and he managed to escape by sheer luck. Since then, he has been on the run from government surveillance, and lived a solitary life in the mountains in upper Montana.

Personality: Johnathan is very young and emulates inexperience. He can be impulsive, and has a tendency to rely more on gut intuition than rationality or intelligence. His lack of contact with the outside world makes him socially awkward, and his concept of what is and isn't acceptable to say often is warped and simplistic.

Even still, he prefers to be left alone and has trouble letting others get close to him. Sometimes, he acts more inept than usual to push others away, but he has trouble talking down to others.
Aalis Odile:
Name: Aalis Odile 
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Character Theme: Truth Destiny
Holy Magic:

Rapid Regneration - A spell that accelerates natural body functions to increase the rate of healing by multiple times, allowing minor external wounds to heal in seconds. Major external wounds may take a few minutes, while internal wounds, depending on the severity, may or may not heal entirely.  Because of the simplicity of this spell, it can be cast instantaneously.

Spark of Life - A basic elementary healing spell capable of healing moderate to minor injuries instantly. Since the healing is completely dependent on mana and ignores the natural healing process, it can be used effectively on spirits as well as those who posses physical bodies, and can be used on internal organs that would otherwise not heal. It cannot replace lost body parts, and serious injuries may not heal completely.  Requires the name to be cast aloud.

Fire of Life - A powerful healing spell that forces the caster to stay immobile during the casting. By using a fair chunk of mana, the effects of Spark of Life are multiplied and accelerated even further, healing all wounds, including curses and disease.

Mana Projection - A spell that utilizes mana as a 'trigger' to increase the performance of something, similar to reinforcement of the body.  As this is Aalis's main offensive spell, and is used quite often, its effectiveness is such that her physical performance is greatly increased, allowing her to match some superhumans in close combat.

Divine Eyes - A spell that allows temporary 'pure eyes', allowing the caster to see concepts and objects that otherwise cannot be seen by the normal human eye. These include demons, ghosts, abstract magecraft (such as traps and fields), and even intangible forces caused by superpowers (such as mental and temporal abilities).  Causes the casters eyes to glow brightly once activated.

Sol's Blessing - A holy spell very similar to magic fields that can only be activated once a sufficient number of holy scriptures are placed and the incantation has been cast.  Once activated, the previously dormant holy scriptures glow and emit an aura that greatly weakens all nearby inhuman creatures, potentially killing them should they choose to touch the scriptures. If the scriptures are properly placed, it can prevent many creatures from escaping, lest they be burned to ash. The dormant scriptures can be removed prior to activation in order to weaken or negate the holy field entirely.

Holy Baptism - A holy spell that is used by high-ranking church exorcists to eliminate physical beings such as vampires, demons, and even superhumans.  It creates a flash fire upon the target creature that surpasses physical resistance and burns the body away, and is especially effective against non-humans.  The incantation is in the Eight-Count category and requires physical contact.
I forgive. I forget.
I avenge. I destroy. 
I bestow upon your soul eternal life.
None can escape my vision,
None can escape the cross of the Lord.
Do not resist. Do not think.
This is the path to eternity.
Kyrie Eleison

Baptism Rite - A ritual with an aria that falls on the Ten-Count category, capable of exorcising devils and sending wraiths back to the world of the dead. Possesses weak capacities of physical interference, but its power is overwhelming against spiritual bodies.  It is considered one of the Holy Church's greatest spells for eliminating evil spirits, and lesser creatures will be utterly destroyed.
 I kill, I give life. I injure, I heal. There are none who escape from my hands. There are none who escape from my eyes. 
 May it be so that you are shattered. 
 I welcome the defeated, the aged. Surrender to me, learn from me, obey me. 
 May you be at rest. 
 Do not forget the song, do not forget the prayer, do not forget me .I relieve you of all burdens. 
 May it be so that there is no deception. 
 Retaliation unto forgiveness, betrayal unto belief, despair unto hope, darkness unto light, death unto life. 
 May you rest in my hands. Let there be mark of your sins. Eternal life is found only in death. 
 Forgiveness is before you, and so my incarnation vows. 
Kyrie Eleison
Physical Attributes: Aalis is considered peak human in most regards due to the physical training of the Holy Church.  Due to her magic, however, she can temporarily reach superhuman level physical abilities, especially in agility.
Appearance: Aalis stands 180cm and has a solid, slim build more befitting a true executor. She keeps her black hair fairly long, at around lower-back length. Her eyes are a very sharp blue, enhanced by the fact her clairvoyance magecraft intensifies the color. Her attire is rather unique; rather than the full-cloak robe that most Church members wear, her robe only covers the upper half of her body, while a skirt covers her upper thighs.  Although not meant to be true armor, her robe is made of kevlar and provides some protection.
Intelligence: Although naturally smart, The Holy Church does not teach for its exorcists to be inquisitive, and despite her vast knowledge of Holy Magic, she is held back by her ideals.  Still considered above average human, like most magi.
Tools and Equipment:

Black Keys - Sharp, dagger-like objects employed by church exorcists.  Unlike normal throwing daggers, these match the size of a sword, but are still primarily utilized as a throwing weapon. They are slightly unbalanced and therefore weaker than the average sword at close-range, but when thrown by an expert can match the power and velocity of a bullet. These daggers are created through magic, and are not carried around – they are formed through pages of holy scripture, and therefore many can be carried around at a single time. Aalis can carry up to three in each hand. They have a special property against inhuman creatures.

Sciprtures of Providence - The scriptures used to produce the Black Keys are not just for show. The scriptures themselves can be used to create fields that weaken inhuman creatures (see:Spellbook)
Weaknesses: Most of her magic is strong against non-humans, but is actually useless against humans.

Bio: Aalis Odile hails from a family a bit different from that of most magi – rather than a traditional family filled with magi seeking knowledge, the Odiles have always been a family closely associated with the Church. Indeed, it is said that over the centuries, the Odiles have occupied many top positions in the Holy Church's hierarchy, despite their usage of magic. Their use of magic has even been accepted as useful, practical, and holy. Such understanding is rare, but not without reason. The Odiles basic magic has always been centered around either healing or exterminating evil, similar to the holy sacraments the Church teaches. Thus, an exception was made – the Odiles gave their greatest secrets, spells of healing and destruction of the undead, to the Church, and the Church accepted them with open arms.

Aalis was born in France and raised as the rightful heir of the Odiles. As such, her life was predominately filled with church lessons, visits to sacred sites including Rome and Jerusalem, and training in traditional Odile magecraft. By the age of 17, she officially joined the Church under a sect of the Chivalric Orders as a knight, in training to become a church exorcist - essentially, a church assassin.  Having witnessed her potential for magecraft and adept physical skill, the Church was eager to include her as an inquisitor; however they were soon let down, as she appeared unwilling to accept the brutality necessary for the job. Instead, she was given many odd roles, from dealing with minor exorcisms to curing the sick. In the end, she never became an executor, and the issue was not pushed. However, she was still well trained, and is proficient in at least two forms of martial arts.

Although her family was disappointed that she did not ascend up the steps of the Church hierarchy as was usual of their heirs, she was still given many honorary positions, and is well respected within the Church. 

Personality:  Aalis is primarily defined by the unwavering faith that she places in the Church hierarchy; trumping all emotions, her often extreme dedication to the Church comes first and foremost. Her convictions are tied directly to Church teachings, and she does not question them, nor any other orders given by the Church. For her, “the law” is simply the great word of God – and by extension, the Church. She often comes across as cold to those who do not understand this concept; for her the word of God is merely law and it is her duty to fulfill it.

However, despite her extreme dedication she is not at the level of “executor” in the eyes of the Church; her love and compassion for fellow human beings, while not quite cardinal level, puts the assassins of the Church to shame. This aspect of her personality does not stem from Church teaching, but rather personal belief. Indeed, her personality outside of obeying the Church is rather different from what is normally expected of executors – she is unusually kind, though sarcastic and stubborn. Because of this, it cannot be said that she is a mere puppet of the Church. Rather, she has not yet run into any problems with being both kind (to people) and following the Church unflinchingly. If she were to run into such an issue, it is unknown what her course of action would be.

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Re: Character Sheets

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God of the Wired:
Name: Sal, "God of the Wired"
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Character Theme: Blue Darkness
Powers and Abilities:
Super Intelligence - Sal is vastly more intelligent than humans, and is considered the most intelligent superhuman alive.  Her reaction speed is far beyond hypersonic, and she holds a wealth of knowledge even greater than Aeon's.

Apathy - Sal can suppress emotion to the point where her mind can be considered a sentient supercomputer, and she cannot be targeted or tracked by emphatic powers.  

Cyber Hive-Mind - It is rumored that the physical body of Sal is connected to 100's of supercomputers, and through this connection Sal has vast control of the wired (an advanced form of the internet, except using a three-dimensional world that the three-dimensional representation of the user interacts with, unlike the two-dimensional aspect of the internet).  Sal is neigh omnipresent and omniscient in the wired (it is assumed that Sal never sleeps and is always active on the wired, and it's currently unknown how this is achieved), and has access to information no other user or organization can access, including private files and information.  Sal can modify information in the wired without leaving a virtual trace.  The wired itself is connected to most government cameras, advanced equipment (including satellites), and CIS deployed tools, and thus even in the physical realm Sal can "be" in many places at once.  It is unknown what the limits of this ability are simply because few know of Sal's existence, and those who do cannot hope to trace Sal's actions on the wired.  Thus, she is sometimes known as the "God of the Wired", as she is the embodiment of all the wireds information in physical form.

Physical Attributes:  It is rumored that Sal has base human physical attributes.  However, this physical form, if it so exists, has not been seen by any except the very highest ranking members of the CIS.
Appearance: Sal's physical appearance is unknown, but when sending messages to CIS members, she often appears in 2D holograms as a blue spherical object with a slight glow, very similar in appearance to an eyeball.  When she projects herself into a 3D form, she generally appears with a completely blue human body, with no identifiable physical features or detail other than the colorization.
Intelligence: The smartest individual known to the CIS, and vastly superior to other superhumans with super intelligence due to her connection with the wired.
Tools and Equipment: The Wired and any equipment or tools connected to the wired can be manipulated by Sal.
Weaknesses: Unknown - Sal cannot be challenged on The Wired.

Bio: Sal's true history is currently unknown, even to the highest ranking officers of the CIS, and the only history available is the little that has been leaked to the general CIS employees and the other major organizations.  

It is thought that Sal has been around for about 25 years, and has been de-facto leader of the CIS after the original lineage of CEO's died off.  Sal's coronation as leader was never official, but was accepted as a matter of course due to her enormous influence and presence among both the CIS and governments worldwide.  It is said that a few people have seen Sal's true physical body, but even this is speculation, and it is entirely possible that no person alive has actually seen Sal, despite her position.  The highest members of the CIS receive orders and speak with Sal, but this is all done through the wired.

Sal's very existence is a bit of an in-joke among some of the CIS members, who are not even sure if Sal truly exists.  Those who do believe in her existence sometimes joke sarcastically to their peers, 
"Here, there is a God."

Personality: Sal acts more computer than human, although she is clearly pushing the CIS's own agenda and therefore must have some sort of subjectivity.  Sal normally gets to the point and does not interact very long with CIS employees.  On occasion, she has spoken with low-ranking members of the CIS to give direct orders that did not coincide with another higher-ups orders.  Some retired veterans claim that Sal spoke to them on a personal level on some occasions, asking in-depth questions about the physical world, but this too was never verified.
Name: William Weston “Commissioner”
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Character Theme: To Paradise
Powers and Abilities: None.
Character Theme:
Physical Attributes: William meets the recommended requirements of psychical fitness to work within the CIS, but is not particularly dexterous in any notable way.
Intelligence: William is a prodigy in the world of forensics and psychology. Throughout his life, William was always highly regarded in school, and it didn't surprise anyone when he graduated top of his class in the police academy of New Orleans. Any task of mental endurance is any easy task for him, and he is often looked up to by his peers not only for wisdom but also the wealth of information he has accrued from years of working with local and CIS enforcement. William is capable of focusing on a specific task which grants him an uncanny attention to detail.
Tools and Equipment:
Smith & Wesson Model 625JM Six-Shooter – A firearm that is not used by any modern security force. The weapon is considered obsolete by CIS standards but he insists on equipping it over more modern weapons.  Nothing else notable beyond a standard issue CIS two-way radio and his uniform.
Weakness: Nothing notable. Normal human.
Bio: William Weston was born in a small town in The Red River Parish. He was raised by decent parents, who managed to put him through various academic programs from childhood. As he grew up, he decided that he wanted to help his community, and joined the police force and moved to the growing city of New Orleans

As an officer in New Orleans, he gained a lot of experience working in the large inner city. The place had changed a lot, and he had frequent run ins with super humans who were escaping captivity or attempting to attack the CIS. He learned a lot about their ways and began to develop a sense of understanding for their plight.

An incident involving a super human occurred though, and it cost him his job and his rank. As a workaholic, the shame and lack of future direction took a toll on his morale and his young marriage. Soon, his wife left him and this caused him to spiral into depression. Things looked very bleak for William, until he was discovered by CIS agents.

William knew about the CIS, and at first he did not much care for the organization – and saw it as an institution that dehumanized based on unchangeable factors. But, his display of savvy intuition and knowledge on Super human ways made him very attractive, and with no other goals in mind, he decided to join the CIS.

Soon, he began to elevate in rank, and landed himself a position from which he understood as helpful to both normal people and super humans. He acted as an envoy to super humans, and also conducted therapy and research on captured super humans. He is well respected in the city and in the organization.
Personality: William Weston is very well disciplined, but not cold. He is very compassionate about his duties, and does not let circumstances cloud his judgment of fairness or justice. He has little patience when working diligently, but exercises time to spend with those he deems need help when possible. He can be compulsive and over-bearing with work, and sometimes fails to see the value in relaxation.
Name: Inga Petrov “Rosebud”
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Powers and Abilities:
Taint – Inga contaminates the air around her and turns it into a poisonous gas. The gas varies in lethality and agitation to biological organisms; as well as the radius of the attack depends on how much effort she placed into the attack. Size peak is a city block, lethality peak is death within seconds for a normal human.  Superhumans who remain in the taint for over a minute suffer a 1 rank loss in Endurance.

Decay – Inga's touch ability which causes biological material to decay “naturally” at a extremely rapid pace. This ability begins instantly but is automatically reversible if the touch is broken. Exposure to this ability for more than a minute will cause permanent damage, mostly in whatever area physical contact was achieved. A small animal or plant can be destroyed in a matter of seconds, a normal adult human would take two minutes, and a large creature would take five minutes. This effect regenerates Inga's powers.

Growth – Inga can cause plants to grow and germinate at a rapid pace via an aura. If she supplies it with more energy, she can cause the plants to grow to an unnaturally large size. This ability can also heal the minor wounds of her and people around her. This ability is relatively easy for her to activate.

Plant Familiars – Plants that she manages to mutate can then be given a sentience and obey her will. They also grow a more dextrous body and expunge teeth and other “weapons”. These monsters are not very strong, but she can cause many of them to appear rapidly.
Character Theme:Schizophrenia
Physical Attributes: She is particularly strong, and is very acrobatic. She is very lean and small, giving her the ability to get through small places.
Intelligence: She has the average intelligence of a peak human, and has extensive knowledge on biology.
Tools and Equipment:
Inga carries a small vile of seeds and the XRX restraint device which is standard issue for super humans employed in the battlefield. Nothing else of note.
Weakness: She has a weakness to extreme temperatures and environments that lack life.

Bio: Inga Petrov was born and raised in the inner city of Moscow, and witnessed the slaughter of both of her parents by the Russian Mafia at the age of twelve. She was captured by them and sold into the sexual slave trade in The Ukraine. At the age of 17, she discovered her abilities by killing everyone in a bar over a sudden fight that she was pulled into. She stole a vehicle from the bar and drove off.  After a few months she was apprehended by CIS agents in somewhere in Northern Siberia.

She did not put up stiff resistance, and instead was noted for cooperating very well with the agency unlike others. Without any skills and no where to go, she was able to get into the special training program and worked under the agency. She developed a reputation for being able to wipe out huge sloths of resistance, and began to be deployed back and fourth as a tool by the agency to oust organized resistance by super humans. As such, she has developed a talent for guerrilla warfare and is respected if not feared by the agents controlling her.

Personality: Inga Petrov is a very sadistic and quiet woman.  She enjoys toying with others, whether that be through tricks or disobedience.  She is not arrogant, but does carry an aura of professionalism and a cold, dead gaze.  She does not have difficulty speaking with others, rather she simply does not take too much interest in getting to know people beyond a very superficial level.  Igna is incapable of forming more personal relationships with others - and prefers to isolate herself in the company of nature.  She is happiest alone, with her garden.

She has the determination and cunning of a skilled hunter, and is very good at analyzing her prey and their behavior.  Her demeanor changes from aloof to hyper-focused the moment she enters a combat zone.  Completely dedicated to her craft, Igna is a ferocious opponent.  Even still, she has a crippling fear of being physically overpowered, and so she remains distant from more powerful enemies until she concludes that a fatal strike can be made.

Igna is pragmatic, but can be swayed to more romanticized ideas of retribution or natural order.  She is primarily concerned with keeping herself alive; all other considerations are usually secondary - if considered at all.
Name: Devin, "Apport"
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Powers and abilities:
Teleportation -Devin can instantly teleport to any location he sees, whether through normal eyesight, a picture of an actual location, or just a mental image of somewhere he has been before.   While he can use teleportation instantly, it takes him slightly longer to set-up a mental image of a location, so places he cannot actually see physically take slightly longer to begin teleporting to.

Weapon Mastery - Devin is skilled with all kinds of weapons, from martial to simple, technologically advanced to archaic magical weaponry, and even unorthodox tools not normally used as weapons.  
Limited Regeneration - Devin has slight regeneration, able to heal minor wounds within a few seconds time, while major wounds may take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the severity.  Devin cannot regenerate lost limbs, but organs themselves can be healed.

Physical Attributes: Devin is considered above peak human in all physical aspects due to the experimentation on him that resulted in a stronger-than-human physique.  
Intelligence: Devin has above peak human intelligence and is often surprisingly intelligent, however, his mentality is unstable at best and it's hard to tell whether his intelligence is a result of knowledge or insanity.  
Equipment and tools:

Melee Weapons - Two single edged swords, brass knuckles, and a few concealed knives. 

Armor - Sturdy light armor woven with kevlar and a black overcoat makes him slightly resistant to typical ammunition and makes his above peak human body even harder to pierce. 

Range Weapons - Devin keeps a few concealed pistols with him at all times.

Personalty: Devin is laid back and very sarcastic with a dark sense of humor and doesn't understand boundaries. 

Bio: Devin does not remember anything prior to his capture by the CIS at the age of 7, where they took him to be a pet experiment of a project they dubbed "Evolution", that was intended to create artificial superhumans.  The project was eventually canceled and most of the test material was destroyed or scrapped. Miraculously, Devin escaped through teleporation - a skill he had acquired through testing (and unbeknownst to the testers at the time). 

Finally out of captivity, Devin started doing odd jobs but could not hold a job due to his own psychotic tangents that would take hold of him. Because of these "fits" he was outcast and he built a mental wall around himself.  He now works as a mercenary and assassin for hire and roams the lands in an attempt to find peace of mind.

Weaknesses: Devin is not a team player and he's very forgetful, he cant take things seriously and he wont fight a battle he cant win or run from.

Dr. Nicholas Reynolds:
Dr.Nicholas Reynolds Aka "Phobia"
Physical attributes: Slightly above average human. He only kept a workout regiment to keep health and make a good appearance as well but he does take pride in his flexibility and reflexes, he cares little for actual brute strength. 
Mental attributes: Above human intelligence, he posses a phd in psychology and sociology can speak multiple languages and can read body language
Power and abilities: Illusions

Equipment: A modified Beretta 92 a black suit and his favorite pair of glasses
Weaknesses: Freaks out when he feels as if hes not in control, not as strong as other superhumans, he also has a fear of claustrophobia  
Personality: He is a intelligent being that enjoy watching people wither in pain by their own emotional complexes, he like a nice glass of white wine with his lobster while watching men fight to their death for his amusement, he dislikes people arguing against him or make him look inferior.  

Bio: Raised in the lap of luxury with the comfort of his parents money he always had the control he needed as well as intelligence. He gained hes master in psychology and sociology, and became a big mind in the cis he even lead a project dubbed evolution which was first established by his father "Viridian Reynolds", but alas all good thing had to come to an end as his project failed, because of the test subject showing no results which lead to his grants being denied and his facilities closed and/or destroyed along with all his files and documents. He was considered a failure and lost all chances of moving up in the organization, He then quits out of a bitter anger and turns to a life of crime and starts and underground criminal organization which he called "Nirvana" to gain money to continue his research illegally.

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Re: Character Sheets

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Aeon Stats:
Beast Stats:
The Crow Stats:

Dead Eye Stats:

Note: Yellow represents stat changes from ability enhancing pills (strength, agility, and endurance) and from his mask which protects him from mental interference.
Tatsu Stats:

pyromancer stats:
Knight of the Holy Orders Stats:


God of the Wired Stats:
Rosebud Stats:

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Re: Character Sheets

Post by Solidcannon on Fri Sep 05, 2014 11:10 pm

Name: Sir Hachi
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Theme: Falls of Glory
Powers and Abilities:

Physical Attributes: 
Abilities: He can use small magic
Intelligence: Hachi is a very skilled melee fighter(considered a master by other standards), his knowledge of this 'modern' worlds sciences and laws he has none. 
Tools and Equipment: His armor, Tower Shield, long spear, folded heavy bow, Gilded Cape
Weaknesses: Technology, Flying, Innocent bystanders, morals

Bio: Hachi lived in a small italian town with his parents. His father was a blacksmith and his mother a baker, Hachi was a rather large boy compared to the other kids. His father would watch him play with the other kids as he worked the metal in his forge. One thing he noticed after years of watching his son was that he always seemed to be holding back, even during the rare fights that broke out he never seemed to use his body like he meant it. 

Hachi loved his mother very dearly and would always eat her cooking without complaint and would help around the house without trouble. 'His father taught him well' she would think, he was a well behaved boy and his father even taught him some of his craft. Years had passed and Hachi has apprenticed under his father at the age of 12, his mother had passed from disease a year before. Hachi dealt with the loss by losing himself in his work with his father.

One day war drums could be heard thundering in the next valley over, fearing an attack Hachi's father hides him in a well and lowers the bucket down. The attack came later and was quick and fierce, after the sound of fighting and death had subsided Hachi climbed the rope and met the sight of his town burning. The fires raged angrily in the wind, and crackling filled the air. Hachi fell to his knees and he sobbed for hours grieving the loss of his town and memories burned along with the town.

Hachi staggered around the town looking for any survivors, but only found the bodies of friends and loved ones. Soot covered his body, and Hachi got outside of town on the road to escape the smoke and sat against a tree. He drifted to sleep, hours passed and woke to the sight of six hooded men standing around him. Hachi instantly cowered and huddled against the tree. One of the men kneeled down and reached a hand towards him, Hachi swiped his hand at the man but something unexpected happened. A blue wave of energy shot out of Hachi's hand and the man was sent flying several feet away.

The group of men showed no surprise to their companion being sent flying, another one kneeled down and unveiled his head showing a old withered face. He also reached out his hand but this time he spoke "Boy... we are with the Mages Association, and we have come to see what has befallen the town here" Hachi had heard this name from the local townsfolk before but Hachi collapsed at that moment from exhaustion.

Hachi is now 20 and is living with the same old mage that helped him that day. His magic aptitude has grown but not by much, but while living with the mage Hachi's supernatural abilities became apparent, his strength and agility greatly improved but his magic never really took off. He could use some basic spells so his master taught him the way of combat, now in this Hachi greatly exceeded any limits put on him due to his superhuman abilities. at the age of 25 Hachi was given a special suit of armor and weapons forged from a fallen meteorite and imbued with powerful spells to strengthen the metal even more.

With his new skills and armor Hachi faithfully served his master as his bodyguard, preventing his demise on many occasions and their trust only grew stronger over the years.When Hachi was not protecting his master he was mingling with the townsfolk and over the years he gained their acceptance and admiration. But this was all due to change soon.  

Personality: Hachi is a very noble soul, his heart bleeds for the innocent. He will protect any bystander and and civilian. He will risk life and limb for the weak for they reminded him of the day that his village burned and he had to watch but could do nothing. He is very Boisterous and easy to get along with, his voice can often be heard over any crowd or company. He loves his food and eats kitchens out of house and home. 

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Re: Character Sheets

Post by Solidcannon on Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:45 am

Name: Victor Skitarii
Gender: Male
Age: 120
Weight: 435
Features: An older man but he's more machine than man now. All of his skin has been replaced by cold steel, though he still has most of his internal organs encased inside. His presence is usually accompanied by the general sounds of gears and whirls.

Personality: Victor is quiet and solemn, he prefers to live alone only accompanied by his machines for humans make unnecessary problems and dangers. They never really helped him anyway but he is not like them, he does not judge those he does not understand but rather attempts to understand. He is better than they and he will never succumb to that human cruelty. He is very kind but none are around long enough to see this, the occasional lost person may stumble into his home asking for help usually delirious of where they are and who is helping them. He does not wish to be kind, but it is something beyond him, even though it only leads to hurt. Once conscious they usually panic demanding that he release them though he understands that his appearance is a little unsettling to humans, but their blind aggression and fear only drive away Victor's already fading humanity. What good are these feelings if all they do is hurt?

Likes: The hum of electricity, the simple sounds of nature living together with his machines, Creating music, Piano, Cheesecake, animals
Dislikes: human paranoia, emotions, "Noise", Ignorance

Skills: Robotics, Cyber warfare, Manufacturing, Logistics
Weapons and Equipment: Shock Pistol, Power halberd, sensors
Victor's heavy feet thud loudly as he walks across the room, the quiet hum of power and machines fading into the background, his cold metallic hand searches the surface of the desk. Gently pushing blueprints and tools out of the way until they find the desired item, Victor slowly pulls up the wrinkled paper, the dust tappers off as he holds it upright. What used to be his eyes are now optical sensors, cold and sleek, they scan the paper and even through the oil splats and stains from years of neglect he still sees a personal dream. He rubs a thumb over a stain wondering if it was permanent when a crumbled photo falls, swaying through the air like a leaf until finally coming to a resting place on the metal floor. Victor's optical lens swirls slightly with slow audible clicks focusing on the picture on the ground, servos whine as he bends down to a knee and slowly grabs the photo. He see a young boy probably around 8 years old, the boys father stands behind him with a proud look on his face. The father looks to be of normal build but his fore arms are slightly larger than normal, what is most noticeable about the man is his goatee and large scar coming from up under the right side of his chin and up to about midway up his cheek. The father has his let hand resting on the boys shoulder while his right arm comes around the shoulders the boys mother. The mother was a little on the beautiful side, her face was slightly angular giving her sharp feature but her skin seems so soft that you could feel it through the picture but something seems off about her skin as well, like its older than it should be like something in her life cause her much distress.

Victor then turns his attention to the boy, he looked normal enough but Victor couldn't shake the feeling that there was something hidden just below the surface of the picture. Something that made up the peoples entire world in the picture, he notices a slight angular pattern in the shirt like an object was just under it. His optical servos emits a slight squealing as he scans the picture, the data pulls up in front of Victor "what are you hiding?" he mutters to himself. The data showed that the boys complexion was a couple shades paler than should be genetically present and the object that was under his shirt was being narrowed down in the search for possible outcomes. After a few moments the results pulled up a old medical file, the boy was suffering from total organ failure, at the time of this report the boys left kidney, intestines, gallbladder, and half of his right lung had failed and surgically removed. The object under the shirt was 93% chance of being a waste pump for the intestines. Sadness touched Victor's heart as he gently brought his thumb over the boys face as if to wipe away the pain he must be feeling. Now the parents true feeling seemed to shine as bright as a dying star, the weathered look of the mother and the proud but defeated look in the fathers eyes. 

Victors own abdomen began to ache, he brings up a mechanical hand and places it on his chest, he runs a quick diagnostics check but it comes back normal. His few remaining organs seemed to remember something but the pain quickly goes away. Victor glances at the time, 20 minutes has passed, he is wasting time reading into this photo. He sets it down on the desk and picks up the paper he had come to get, He turns and starts walking back across the room when the abdominal pain returned, he clutches his gut and turns one last time and looks at the old photo. The pain seems to remain a little longer then subsides. "I must get back to my work, they are depending on me...."

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Re: Character Sheets

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