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Example RPing

Post by Emiya on Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:40 pm

Example 1 (typical pvp rping):
Poster 1: "Billy Bob uses his elemental magic and throws a ball of fire at Jacob Son's face."
Poster 2: "Jacob Son sees the ball of fire coming but is too slow to completely dodge it, and gets his shoulder badly burnt by the flames.  However, as he recuperates, he shoots back a jolt of electricity at Billy Bob's feet." 

Example 2 (pvp rping based around assumptions)
Poster 1: "Billy Bob blocks Jacob Son's oncoming fist and pushes him back, and then proceeds to deliver a roundhouse kick to Jacob's face."
In this post Poster 1 assumes that Billy Bob blocks and then pushes Jacob Son back, and follows up with a blow.  However, this assumption may or may not actually happen.
Poster 2: "Jacob Son's blow is deflected, but he quickly activates his ability Stand Still before Billy Bob can push him back."
Poster 2 negates Poster 1's assumption and voids Poster 1's future actions.

Both are fine, Example 1 leads to shorter posts but a greater quantity of them, while Example 2 leads to the opposite scenario.


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