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Game Rules

Post by Solidcannon on Sat Jul 13, 2013 10:00 pm


When trying to attacking enemy units, make sure the units have line of sight (does not apply to artillery). Also If the enemy is behind cover or in a building they get a defensive bonus. You will also roll dice to see if you hit the enemy and then roll to see how many you hit. If attacking enemy armor must pass a penetration roll. (d6, must be greater than 4)

Artillery can blow units out of cover moving them several tiles and does not require line of sight. 


When defending against an enemy attack you roll to try and beat the impending roll. If you beat the roll your unit suffers no damage. When in cover units gain a bonus to defense.

Units can move only a few tiles at a time, if you move and  do an attack role your unit takes a 'pot shot' and suffer a penalty to aim.


If you pass an attack roll your units 'attack' is taken out of the health of the enemy unit.

Attacking Rolls (d20, must be greater than enemy roll to pass)
Defend Rolls (d20, must be greater than enemy roll to pass)
Defensive bonuses are +2 to defensive rolls

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