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Character sign-up

Post by Solidcannon on Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:57 pm

Name: Isador Knoll
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 210
Theme: The Truth
Physical Traits: Isador was a large man by human standards, but even so he had a stout stance. years in the military and Inquisition training have turn his body into a wall of muscle and bone. His facial features that of clean shaven jaw, and wavy long hair on his head. His eyes are as blue as the ocean, he is not considered repulsive on the handsome scale but fairly average. He has a scar from the left corner of his mouth down to his chin.

Personality: He is largely quiet do to his life in the military and most times when he speaks it is prayer and meditation. He carries around a book chained to his person and no one has ever read into its pages, this book contains prayers and incantations to do away with demons as well as heal a persons spiritual heart. the book also contains the "True" name of all demons he has come across as well as numerous religious tomes copied onto its pages. 

He ravels in the throws of combat as it is all he knows and for him it is a time to let loose the bottled up emotions that constantly attack his soul. He his a master of his chosen weapons (Halberd and shield) and he does not hesitate from using them. He 

Bio: Isador was born into commoner life by his parents. His father was a soldier in the Royal Army, and his mother was a bartender in the Inn "The Gristle Back".
Isador grew up with a fairly uneventful and normal childhood, at the age of 19 he enrolled into the military academy and after 3 years training was put into a legion. He spent the next 13 years in service to the throne of Horidine, he gained much experience and renown during these years and was eventually brought in by the Church Inquisition. The inquisition is an order dedicated to the preservation of the human race no matter the cost, they are the most powerful order besides the king himself and they are only take orders from the latter. They are very secretive and not very many trust them. They are the only chamber militant of the church.

The training is so cruel and intense that the recruits lose all prior memory of their life.When Isador is deployed with his own unit to a border town where a cult is said to be performing black arts he instead found no evidence of the cult and a small communal elf village. His orders were to raze the village to the ground, he objected his internal moral compass telling him this was wrong. He was quickly beaten down and arrested by his own men and taken back to the church after the village was razed. He was forced to watch what happened to those of disobeyed the church.

After he was brought back the church spent months rehabilitating him, he was eventually released back into service but was striped of his command. But he was not rehabilitated and now he seeks to find out why the church is committing such heinous crimes.

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Re: Character sign-up

Post by Emiya on Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:08 pm

Name: Phlegethon Nob-Grob, also known as “Phlegm” by other orcs
Gender: Male
Race: Orc
Age: 28
Height: 7' 4"
Weight: 320 lbs

Physical Appearance: Phlegethon is a huge, monstrous orc even when compared to his peers, and has a physique that humbles even the likes of giants such as trolls. Like most orcs, his appearance is considered repugnant by the likes of other races, and Phlegethon is especially hideous due to his physique. He keeps himself bald and has a braided beard that serves as a status symbol amongst other orcs. He generally does not wear armor other than a pair of gauntlets, however he is more than capable of donning full iron armor if he is prepared to lead his tribe to war.

Personality: Phlegethon is a cruel and menacing orc that cares only for pleasure. He revels in war, violence, rape, and prides himself in his capabilities as an unmatched fighter and leader of his clan. He is dimwitted like most other orcs, but has a knack for warfare.

In actuality, Phlegethon is extremely intelligent and only acts cruel and violent on the surface in order to appease his traditional orc tribe. Even as he flaunts his stature and physical ability in the open, when he returns to his quarters he immerses himself in studies that far surpass typical orc knowledge. He enjoys reading, long walks on the beach, and talking with princesses. His favorite fictional genres include romantic poetry and chivalric romance, and he is quite fond of the tragedy Moreo And Lujiet, originally composed by the elves. According to him, the story makes his heart “quake with utmost sadness and regret”. He also enjoys studying magic, although he is not very experienced on the subject.

Although intelligent, he has trouble communicating with other races, despite having some practice speaking with slaves and captives. His very appearance agitates distrust in others, even when they do not intend to be racist, and his voice and brutish (though intelligent) manner encourage wariness.  He is quite kind to others outside of his orc tribe but still acts tough towards his fellow orcs, as they encourage brutal behavior rather than kindness.  

He dislikes the nickname “Phlegm”, which other orcs call him due to his real name being too long.

Biography: Phlegethon Nob-Grob is the son of Lysoz Nob-Grob. Phlegethon grew up as heir to the orc tribe 'The Red Warband', which his father led. Phlegethon had a birth defect that caused him to grow abnormally large, and although he was extremely intimidating, his ugly physical appearance was often noted by other orcs. Fortunately, he grew up in a former elven town and had access to a library, where he spent time studying elven literature when he had free time. From a young age he realized that such studies were considered abnormal, and in order to avoid being cast aside as an outsider, he kept his interests in secret.

At the age of 14 he began participating in skirmishes with his father, and at 17, he became leader of The Red Warband. During the next few years, he expanded the tribes power by invading and absorbing other orc tribes. Eventually, his tribe was recognized as a threat by the human, elven, and dwarven empires across the region. Although weaker in number, The Red Warband flourished by pillaging villages and moving on, and eventually establishing a “capital” in former human territory after the humans conceded a truce.

On one occasion, The Red Warband successfully invaded an elven settlement. Although the elves retreated before any real fighting began, The Red Warband captured an elven and human princess. As was tradition, both were brought before Phlegethon and enslaved to serve as either bargaining chips or to be used for other means. Phlegethon used this opportunity to speak with the two at length, although they immensely distrusted the orc. On the surface, Phlegethon chained the two and appeared with them in front of The Red Warband to show his brutality, but in reality, no harm was brought to them. The two promptly 'escaped' after a week. Since then, Phlegethon has made it a hobby to capture high-ranking nobility because he enjoys the conversations.



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Re: Character sign-up

Post by Game Master on Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:24 pm

Name: Christiana Bladebane
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 132 pounds
Theme:  Divinitus

Bio:  Christiana Bladebane was born in a small fishing village on the outskirts of The Horidine Kingdom.  Her parents were calm and content people, so they raised her to be an honest and humble individual; but that did not quell her curiosity or sense of wonder.  At the age of thirteen, she showed an extreme interest in the natural sciences and literature.  The fishing village was very poor; however, so the only available mediums of literature and study were the church bibles.  She spent most of her free time either indoors studying such holy books, or in the forest nearby - practicing holy magic.  Eventually, she garnered a local reputation as the village healer and church apologist.  She developed a friendly relationship with the acting church hierarchy from the nearest monastery, and word of her talent and dedication eventually gave way to a visit from the church headquarters in Horidine.

Christiana worked unofficially in the capitol city until she turned sixteen, when she was given the title of Cleric.  While living in the capitol, she gorged herself on the wealth of information in the compendiums and libraries.  The stories, cultures, and studies kindled her spirit and rose her to the highest tier in the sisterhood of healers.

Unfortunately, Christiana was conscripted into the Royal Army when she turned eighteen.  Though her headmaster fought against it, Christiana's talents were deemed to valuable to let waste.  The horrors of war hardened her heart, giving her insight to the destruction and bloodshed that technology and magic could wrought.  She still healed well, and many soldiers looked up to her as a sign of hope and morale.  She maintained a cheerful demeanor when in the field tents, but would go into depressive fits when left alone.

Personality:  Christiana operates on a duel personality.  She is cheerful and optimistic when in the presence of others, acting like how she feels a healer of battered soldiers should.  This persona is not easily seen through, and she is very guarded otherwise.  While she does have a good nature, she often goes out of her way to help others, even to her detriment.  When left to her own devices, she cannot control her emotions, so she is afraid of being left alone.  She loves stimulating discourse, and is surprisingly inquisitive and knowledgeable in theology and healing magic.
In the Sisterhood:

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Re: Character sign-up

Post by Andris Greatwing on Fri Aug 09, 2013 11:20 pm

Name:Alisa Manila
Weight:142 lb
Theme:First Light

Assassin of light:

Biography:Alisa Manila was raised as an assassin trained in that way for most of her life. She really didn't have a childhood and had to grow up rather quickly. Not being a boy sadly she never got the chance to put her training to use. At the age of marriage she instead of marring one of her suitors she ran and snuck in to the castle and became one of the princess maids.

   With her time as a maid, grew fond of the princess she served so diligently. With the feeling she promised herself that she would not let any harm come to her. After a couple years of serving her as well as when the captain of the guards noticed her talent she was given the title of the princess protector.

    After some time as the princess guardian, many assassin would try to take the princess's family failed with the help of Alisa's assist. as all good thing this had to come to an end for one of the kings brothers grew greedy wishing the throne, but with all his plans foiled by that damned wench he decides to get rid of her by accusing her of treason. to some who hear this might think he would have failed, but to a las the brother had the king ear and succeeded in having her banished. Now bitter and betrayed she left with a cold heart picking up any job that came her way.

Personality: Very quite and serious, she always seem agitated and has a sharp tongue ready to lash at any poor sap who would try to flirt with her.
shes very calculating and devoted to her jobs, she keeps a far distance from people to not get hurt again.

Assassin of night:
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Re: Character sign-up

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