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Each turn spans a decade, and is divided into four rounds.  Diplomatic, Domestic, Colonial, and finally Military.


During the diplomatic phase, you can negotiate treaties, forge alliances and trade agreements, and declare wars.  NPC nations have scores, relating how friendly or hateful they are towards your empire.

Domestic commands deal with handling dissent, managing your kingdom's aristocracy, researching technology, and assigning payments.  This also deals with any holdings in Europe itself.

Colonial commands deal with expanding your offshore holdings, converting the local population, exploiting resources, and exploring the world.

Military commands deal with army and fleet movement, attacks on enemy colonies, recruitment and disbanding, and attacks in Europe.

Gold is spent by your empire on technological advancement, expansion, and military upkeep.  Gold is accumulated through taxes, resource exploitation, and trade agreements.

At the beginning of each turn, each player's available actions will be visible to everyone.  As a player, you must decide what actions you want to dedicate your gold to, then send your commands privately to the GM.  The available actions for your country will be displayed in these categories, with their expenses next to them, (as well as your total income for that turn.)

Random Events
Throughout the game, random events can occur that may give you opportunities, or damage your empire in some way.  These random events will either appear as actions that have executed at the beginning of the turn, or options in one of your categories.

Non-European Nations
Non-European nations are negotiated in much of the same way as European nations, but they are exploitable and can be pulled into your "Sphere of Influence".  More Non-European nations will arise as technolgies advance and revolutionary fervor sweeps through your respective empires.

The objective of the game is to have the most prestige by its end.  You must try your best to grow your economy and maintain a strong military to keep other empires in check.  Prestige is gained by spreading the faith, your territory, and advancing.  You can lose prestige by losing wars, losing territory, experiencing revolts or revolutions, and faltering to a heretical religion.

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