History of Terra

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History of Terra

Post by Solidcannon on Sat Aug 10, 2013 2:41 pm

 The High Lords of Terra: 
This inner circle is where all the leaders of the world come to do diplomacy. There are currently a couple alliances to speak of 'The Kaldor Alliance' is made up of the Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. Where as the 'Baronial Conglomerate' is made up of the Orcs, Goblins, and Dark Elves. There are other minor races but they dare not choose a side lest it upset the other.

The Habodiety Church:
This is the largest and most widespread religion found on Terra, this grants the church vast amounts of power and money. Because of this the leaders are beginning to be corrupted and turn of those who do not embrace their ways. There are mysterious forces at work around the main church located in the human Capital. Although no body has been able to prove anything, there are numerous accounts of screams and moans coming from the church in the early morning as well as things moving around peoples homes while they are away.

The humans have made a living off their soil rich farmlands in the west, they are not as widespread as they used to be due to high tension amongst the races. The humans are fairly numerous but due to their limited physical abilities they are the weaker than other races mono-a-mono, their ingenuity is the best edge they have against others.

They have built large numbers of strongholds throughout their kingdom, and the army is size is paramount to their continued relevance. 

The elves make their homes in the dense woodlands in the south, their knowledge of the forest and its inhabitants is the most efficient defense they have. Their capital is located in the 'Giant Migratory Mon-groves', because of this the elves civilian population live with no fear of the rising tensions in the outside world. The elves have powerful magic that pertains to nature, many elves are able to call upon the trees themselves to help in a great time of need. 

Elves are particularly vicious of protecting the forest that they call home and can strike their enemies with relative ease in the tree tops. 

The Dwarves are Largely isolationist, they prefer to stay in their mountain fortresses and underground cities, they devote themselves to the craftsmanship of their trade. Only interacting with surface dwellers for trade. their cities are works of imagination with towering walls and fields of buildings. Their lack of contact with the surface does not damage their fighting prowess in the slightest for they are always contested by the goblins who invade their lands and murder their people.

The dwarves are master craftsmen and fine warriors with a hammer or axe, they have short tempers as well. 

The Orcs are a largely tribal race and infighting is just has brutal as it is with foreigners, an orc is a prime specimen for war as for centuries it is all they have done. This never ending violence has changed the fundamental body basis for the orcs. They are now huge hulking brutish meat towers, they are fairly uneducated but this has done little to hamper their raids and wars.

The Orcs have an innate blood lust and seek out battle wherever they can, they have recently started to unite under a single Orc and continue their raids on neighboring factions.

goblins are a smaller cousin of the orcs and once integrated into the orc social ladder they rest squarely on the bottom, they are used in everything from fetchers to training dummies. The Goblins have and intense hatred for dwarves and strive to make thier lives as uncomfortable as possible.

If not in a orc tribe the goblins form into their own tribes in the mountains and have regular skirmishes with the dwarves.

Night Elves:
Cousins of the Elves the night elves are elves who migrated to swamps and bogs. years of this habitat have given way to change in the elves who dwell there. Their skin color have turned to that of purple and their minds have turned into that of harsh survival. they will take a life without question if it is to save on of their own. they have magics as well which is considered inhuman. quicksand and bogs suck in hopeless trespassers and are left buried alive.

The night elves are not considered evil or bad by other races, they are just unforgiving and will settle a score no matter where that score lands them.

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