North America

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North America

Post by Game Master on Sat Aug 10, 2013 8:08 pm

North America
Natural Difficulty: 10% coast/60% inland
Total Gold:  30000
Sub-Regions:  Inuit Territory (200), Eastern USA (300), Southern USA (400), Western USA (200), British Columbia (800), Latin America (500), Caribbean (600)
Independent Nations
The Iroquois Confederation
Territory:  30% Eastern USA (Core)  (0% Dissent)
Relations:  None  (50% Xenophobia)
Ruling Faction:  Tribal
Other Factions:  None
Gold: 300
Income:  500 (+500 Base)
Expenditure: 200 (-200 Total Troop Maintenance)
Military Units: 2 Armies
Technology Level: Early Medieval
Religion:  North American Paganism (90% Resistance to Heresy)
Is accepting Trade Offers from European Nations.
(Creating a Trade Offer with this nation will reduce its total Xenophobia and Resistance to Heresy by 10% each turn.)

New Amsterdam
Territory:  10% Eastern USA (0% Dissent)
Charter:  The Dutch Empire
Ruling Faction:  The Loyalists
Other Factions:  None
Gold: 100
Income:  330 (+30 Natural Resources, +300 Infrastructure level)
Expenditure: 230 (-230 Taxes)
Military Units: 1 Army (The Dutch Empire), 1 Fleet (The Dutch Empire)
Technology Level:  Early Renaissance
Infrastructure Level: 3
Religion:  Protestant (90% Resistance to Heresy)

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