Starcraft RP 2 Sign up

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Starcraft RP 2 Sign up

Post by Solidcannon on Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:19 pm

Name: Gerrik Swanson
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Theme: Dwarven mines
Equipment: A remote, googles with infrared and AI system to help him work, tools, blow torch, and a monkey wrench and a specially design right hand glove.
Physical Appearance: 
Gerrik is a stocky fellow whose arms are the size of lamb chops from years of mechanical labor and maintenance. He has a rugged short beard. His skin in tan and leathery, his hands are heavily callused from work. 

Gerrik grew up on a Dominion core world, his parents had decent jobs and provided well enough for their family. As he got older Gerrik started to tinker with machines and sometime improve them. Gerrik's father saw this and was able to pull some stings and call in a few favors to get him in a mechanical school. After 7 years in the school Gerrik graduated and moved out of his parents house.

He moved into an apartment and got a job at a local mechanical development factory, he got onto the research board and began to design new vehicles and weapons for the Dominion. When the Zerg came back to dominion space Gerrik expected the dominion to marshal its forces and push the monsters back and was stunned to see them pull back to defend the core worlds. Disgusted Gerrik quit his job and took his 'Project V' and left his home world behind.

Traits: Gerrik is a rather kind hearted man who strives to make the best moral choices he can, he cant stand to watch others suffer as they did on the news. when he speaks it is a sincere and rather warm tone, often more like a father figure than a friend. He will also help those in need regardless of his own peril. He is a very smart man when it comes to machines but socially he is average


Project V:

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Re: Starcraft RP 2 Sign up

Post by Game Master on Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:59 pm

Name: Sledge Slaughter
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Theme: Starcraft II - Terran Theme 4

Physical Appearance:  Sledge Slaughter is a clean shaven white male; with short, spiky brown hair.  He has a small but muscular frame, which is littered with old scars.  His eyes are dark green, and his skin is slightly tan.

Equipment: Self-contained body suit with a large, attached jet-pack.  Armed with dual P-38 "Scythe" gauss pistols and two deuterium-eight demolition charges.

Bio:  Sledge Slaughter was born one on of the countless backwater outer-worlds that was relatively untouched by the warring factions in The Brood War.  This did not, however; mean life in his neck of the woods was peaceful.  The lack of direct control by any Terran agency made the entire sector a criminal hideout, and many small - rivaling gangs fought bitter territory wars.  Naturally, as a young man growing up in poverty - he got swept into such thuggery.  He was a brutal savage, and managed to climb his way to the top of his respective gang.

When he turned twenty two, a bad smuggling run of weapons wound him up in Dominion hands.  He easily resisted the neural resocialization programs that typical criminals were put through, and so he was sent to the "Icehouse", where he was inducted into the Reaper Corps.  He described the training as "fun" and "challenging", and was noted by his superiors to be especially dangerous, which passed him to be experimented with the relatively new "Combat Drugs".  The chemical alterations to his mind and body had sedative effects on his violent tendencies, and so he was finally able to be controlled.

He has recently left training in the Torus System, and has survived five months since he has been deployed.

Combat Suit:

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Re: Starcraft RP 2 Sign up

Post by Andris Greatwing on Fri Nov 08, 2013 10:50 pm

Name:Galven Fira
Height: 6"4'
Theme:"I'll face myself"

Physical appearance:A pale, tall, slender fellow with red eyes and a wicked scared smile, dark black hair and burn marks patch his body. 

Equipment:His Fire combat suit "The Boon Of The Fire Goddess", a lighter a black coat and normal clothing with minor fire proofing cloth, a pistol

Bio:Raised on a ice box of a planet, developed an unhealthy obsession fire seeing it as the embodiment of a goddess. He joined the dominion military as a firebat to grow closer to his goddess. Through this he went through many campaigns and earned his place as a high-ranking firebat. From the firebats he moved up to the elite grouping called flamestrikers. which suited him alot better razing cities and homes. After being kicked from the burn squadron "reason unknown" he was placed in a small battalion with his future ally and friend a reaper.   

He has no close family nor friends, he can be seen talking to his lighter muttering about a goddess. his calm composer throws people off when he spouts insanity about fire.

Boon of the Fire Goddess:

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Re: Starcraft RP 2 Sign up

Post by Emiya on Sat Nov 09, 2013 2:40 am

Name: Navis
Age: Approximately 23
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 5'11" / 132 
Occupation: Ghost
Theme: Pride
Equipment: C-20A rifle, P220 Pistol, E-11 lockdown grenades, psy blade, modified hostile environment suit (notable for its advanced armor plating and intimidating appearance), mask.  Also pilots a modified predator robot.

Bio: Navis, aged approximately 23, is a Dominion ghost.  Navis knows very little about her past, a result of numerous mind-wipes throughout her life.  She was raised in Tarsonis's Ghost Academy, where she displayed an impressive amount of psionic ability and graduated at the top of her class at a young age.  Like most ghosts, she was especially gifted in her own particular usage of psionic abilities - that of telekinesis.  After she graduated from the Ghost Academy, she was mind wiped once again and began to serve the Dominion.

She was one of the few chosen as a part of project APPARITION under Dominion Commander Raz Petrova.  Project APPARITION specialized in training a breed of ghosts codenamed Apparitions, who were dedicated to quelling rebellion under Emperor Arcturus Mengsk's new rule.  As such, Apparitions were seen as an elite and mobile police and intelligence force.  Apparitions were equipped with modified hostile environment suits that lacked a cloaking device, but had higher armor and gave better strength and agility enhancements to the user.

Although still young and relatively inexperienced compared to other ghosts, her high psi rating accompanied with her early graduation meant she quickly caught up with her senior ghosts.  She was given some degree of autonomy from the iron grip of the Dominion military, and eventually took on an important mission to find a rebel by the name of Gerrik Swanson.

Traits: Navis is a tall, slender woman whom rarely speaks.  Cold and rather aloof, when she does speak her tone often comes off as harsh, sharpened even further by the voice modifier inherit in her suit.  She does not have any real desires or dreams herself, and if anything, her only purpose is to find what it is that she wants in the first place.  Although she has no reason to be, she is loyal to the Dominion.  On the psi rating scale, she consistently ranks at 9, making her a very powerful psionic capable of telekineses and other rare feats usually exhibited by the Protoss.

Appearance and Predator robot:
Hostile Environment Suit:


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Re: Starcraft RP 2 Sign up

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